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This article is intended for Students.

What is a waitlist?

  • Waitlist is an electronic list for students who want to enroll in a course that is closed. 
  • Waitlist is a registration option and is not automatic.
  • Waitlist is first-come, first-served.

How do I know if a section has a waitlist option?

  • View the course schedule via HomerConnect 9 in the registration app.
  • If a course is closed and waitlist is an option it will be displayed under status.

  • You can click on the course title hyperlink for additional information

What do I need to be on a waitlist?

  • Registration rules also apply to waitlist registration.
  • If you have a hold or are missing a prerequisite or restriction you will not be able to waitlist a course. Please use IC Workflow to request an override for prerequisite, major restriction, etc. prior to wait listing a course.


How do I know an override has been approved?

Login to HomerConnect 9 and view your registration status tab.

How do I register for a waitlist?

  • In the course search Click ‘add’ or navigate to Enter CRNs and enter the CRN

  • Now the course is in your summary, click submit

  • The system will tell you there is an error, change the action to waitlist and click Submit

How to I know if a seat has opened and I can register because waitlist is NOT automatic?

Keep a watchful eye on your IC email; you will be notified via email that a seat is being held for you. You have 24 hours to login and register for the course or you will be removed from the waitlist. During add/drop week, the first week of the term, you will only have 12 hours to register or be removed from waitlist.

What do I do when I get the email that a seat is open?

  • Go back on your summary, change the action to **Web Registered** and click Submit

How do I know what number I am on the waitlist?

Click View Registration Information

  • Make sure you are in the correct term and Click schedule details 

  • Review your position

I received a waitlist e-mail, but I have a registration hold. What should I do?

You will be unable to register until the hold is removed. If you receive a waitlist notification email with a hold on your account, it will need to be resolved in the allotted 24 hour period otherwise you will be dropped from the waitlist. For this reason we strongly suggest students check their accounts regularly and resolve any outstanding issues before any holds are placed on their accounts.

What about Priority Registration (Time Ticketing)? Does that mean waitlist priority?

Yes. Priority Registration (your time ticket) is based on credits earned as does Waitlist. However, after that initial registration, all other registration is on first-come first-served basis. It is highly recommended that students register for all of their classes on the first day of their assigned registration window in order to fully exercise their priority over lower class levels.

Examples of courses that do NOT utilize the waitlist feature:

  • Independent Studies, Internships, Fieldwork
  • Linked sections (sections that must be registered in pairs, e.g. Lecture & Lab)
  • Open Learning sections (sections with date ranges that don’t conform to a full semester or block)
  • Sections offered on our remote campuses (e.g. London, Los Angeles)

Waitlist Tips and Facts:

  • Waitlist is not a guarantee that a seat will be available before the end of Add/Drop. It's just a way for you to ‘wait in line’ for an open seat.
  • You can only waitlist for one section of a course
  • You can only waitlist a course you are not registered for
  • You cannot waitlist for two sections of the same class
  • Please note: typically only classes with a schedule type of Lecture, Lab, Instructional Class, Private Lesson, Seminar or Studio will have the waitlist option
  • Waitlist will close for additional students to add once it reaches the waitlist cap
  • You can drop a waitlist course at any time and make a seat available for a fellow student
  • If a hold is added to your account, you will not be able to register if a seat becomes available
  • Waitlist classes will NOT appear on Degree Works, you can use the look ahead feature to see how your courses will apply to degree completion. Find a how to video at Using the Look Ahead Feature
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