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This article is intended for Students.


  1. Before submitting this form make sure you have at the correct number of Earned Credit Hours (at least 85 for UG and 15 for GR), your expected graduation date and your major(s), concentration(s), and minor(s) are correct by looking at your degree evaluation. If they are not correct, make the necessary changes before submitting this form record (i.e. drop/add a minor using this link  or log into ICWorkflow to add/drop a major). If you need additional help contact


  1. Log into HomerConnect


  1. Check that you haven’t already applied for graduation by looking at your “Graduation Information” on the home page. If it says “None” then you have not applied.


  1. Click on “Apply to Graduate”


  1. Select the Current Term and Click Submit


  1. Review your Curriculum Information - Make sure the information listed is correct. If the information is incorrect, STOP and step #1 to make the necessary changes.


If the information is correct, Click in the Bubble and Click Continue.


NOTE: If you have two majors/programs, select the top program first, as shown below. After you complete this application, you should complete a second application for graduation for the second program listed. It is important to complete them in order.


  1. Select your Graduation Date. Several dates are listed, be sure to select the date you are completing your requirements (i.e. May 2019, August 2019, etc.).


  1. Select your Diploma Name. If you want to use a name that is not listed select New. If you select one of your names listed, on the next screen you will have the option to make changes. Click Continue.


  1. If your name appears correct, Click Continue. If you would like to make changes, you may do so now.  If you are including your Middle Initial, please place a period (.) after your initial. If your name includes a Suffix (i.e. III or Jr.) you may add it in the Suffix field. If your name has special characters (i.e. ã), you may copy and paste your name into the correct field. When you are done editing, Click Continue


  1. Select where you would like your diploma mailed. You may enter a new address if one of your addresses is not listed. Click Continue.


  1. If your address includes an Apartment Number, please add that to an address field. If you have a foreign address make sure you select your Nation (Country). Click Continue.


  1. Review all of your information and Click Submit. You may use the back arrow if you would like to change anything.


  1. For the Commencement program only, we include your Hometown City/State/Country. If your Permanent Address is not the same as your Hometown City/State/Country please click on the Hometown Form link to provide us with this information.
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