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Welcome to the student profile page of HomerConnect. I know this may seem like a lot of information but we are here to help you! So let’s take it step-by-step. One of the first things I want to point out on the student profile page is the term. This term can be changed. As new students right now, you are coming into the fall 2019 term and as you continue your enrollment here with us, you are going to be able to choose different terms as you get closer and closer to your graduation date. So the first things you are going to see on our student profile is some biographical information and some general information. Before you come to the onsite orientation, your advisors will be listed here with hyperlinks that you can contact them. Here is your primary majors so this is a Psychology major. We have some students who double major. If you have a double major, it would appear here under secondary. As you earn GPA and grades with us, it’s going to appear here on “Hours and GPA”. This student is currently registered for an ICSM which all of our students here at Ithaca College will take during their first semester. “Registration Notices” lets our students know when registration is open for them and we can get into this a little bit more when we talk about registration. Also “Holds”. Sometimes a student may have a hold on their account which may prevent them from registration or it could be something that is just a bookkeeping hold that will be listed here with some additional information. On the student profile page, you can also navigate to “Prior Education and Testing”. As you work through your Sakai modules, you may take math placement and language placement and those test scores will show here. This is going to help inform you what level of courses you should be enrolling in here at Ithaca College. This is also the high school you are attending, the location and your GPA. “Degree Works” is a degree evaluation system that you will also be seeing a tutorial on. In the “Financial Aid and Billing” section, if you click on here, you will be able to navigate some of the financial aid and billing information. You will be receiving more information from our colleagues at student financial services. Click back on the student profile and navigate to “Registration and Planning” which I hope you watched the registration and planning tutorial to learn more. As you continue your enrollment, you will be able to see your “unofficial transcript” and your “official transcript”. As you get closer to the commencement date, you will be able to “Apply to Graduate”. This is where you are going to “view grades”. An “Enrollment Verification Request”- many of our students, upon entering college, need proof that they are full time students for continued medical coverage or even discount rates on car insurance. If you click on “enrollment verification request”, it is going to ask you for the term, the type, and number of copies; when you click continue, we will get this processed and sent out to you. There is also an option of once you have put in that request, to “view status of enrollment verification request” if you are curious about when you will receive it. Go back to the student profile page and “IC Workflow” is a tool that is available for Ithaca College students and this will be covered in an additional tutorial. Your “housing portal” is where you will go to find information on housing and meal plans. This is a very quick overview of the type of information that you can find on your HomerConnect student profile page. Again, take your time, we are here to help. We do not want you to be overwhelmed by this information and keep in mind, you cannot break it. So, just click away and enjoy exploring your new self-service system for your enrollment here at Ithaca College. Thank you and we look forward to meeting you at orientation.

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