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Welcome Ithaca College student to your tutorial on how to view your course schedule! Let me just start from the student profile on HomerConnect and click on “Registration and Planning”. Based on your academic programs, you may be registered for courses before the June 3rd registration date. To take a look and see if you are, click “View Registration Information”. You will also get information on your Sakai tutorial if you’re registered for courses. We’re on our window where you can first look up your schedule. I’m going to look up for fall 2019 and I can see that I am registered for two courses. Please note that Ithaca College full-time status is between 12 and 18 credits. Most of our programs are 120 credits so we recommend students take 15 credits a semester so that each semester so that you can get that 120 total. But again, your academic advisors know best so keep in touch with them. On this window, there are multiple ways to see your course schedule. I can use this gear to shut down some of these columns that maybe I’m not interested in looking at to give me some more space up here. If I use this Up arrow, it’s going to bring up this bottom window into full view and we call this a “Week at a Glance”. I can see each day of the week and what time my courses are meeting. I can also click on the hyperlink and see instructor meeting times and days and room assignments. If I click on this Culture and Communication course, and go to my instructor meeting times, I can see these arrows. I always want to make sure that I click these arrows so that I’m seeing the information displayed in both. This course is going to meet on Wednesdays from 12-12:50pm in room 104 and this part of the course is going to meet Tuesdays, Thursdays from 4-5:15pm in room 118. So please take note, you want to make sure that your arrows are always down and displaying all of the information. I’m going to close out of this, click my circle and get back to my main view. From here I can also see schedule details. Again, notice I have a down arrow and up arrow. I’m going to click them so they’re both pulled down and all my information is displaying. This is another way for me to get some deep detailed information about my course and we’re going to learn more about some of this information as we move through these tutorials and as you attend the onsite orientation in August. You also have an option to email your schedule to yourself which will add it to your calendar. You can also print your schedule, or save it as a PDF file. Another way to view your schedule is through Degree Works. When you log into Degree Works, you can come on down and scroll to the bottom and pull that onto my screen. This is going to show me down here the courses in progress. These courses are in progress for fall 2019 and as I move back up my audit, I can how they’re applying. So this History course is an elective, and if I come up to my competencies area I will be able to see what that Ithaca Seminar is satisfying. This is a quick glance at Degree Works so you can view your schedule, you can also use HomerConnect. Look forward to working with you in some more tutorials and meet you at orientation. Thank you!

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