Documentation for Students regarding HomerConnect.

Articles (10)

Add a Class

How to Add a Class using Homer Connect.

Change Hours/Credits on a Variable Credit Course

How to change hours or credits on a variable credit course using HomerConnect 9 app during registration.

Degree Evaluation Tutorial (PowerPoint)

Tutorial on how to run and navigate a Degree Eval using HomerConnect's CAPP audit.

Drop a class

How to Drop a Class using HomerConnect.

Finding Course Restrictions and Pre-Requisites

Instructions to find Course Restrictions and Pre-Requisites using HomerConnect's CAPP audit.

Has my SDF or Audit form been processed?

How to check if your SDF or Audit form has been processed.

Has your Part-Time or Over 18 Credit Form been processed.

How to check if your Part-Time or Over 18 form has been processed using HomerConnect.