Student Employment: NYS Paid Sick Leave, Adding Time and Checking Balance in HR Cloud


This article is intended for student employees who are eligible for NYS Paid Sick Leave and informational for student supervisors.  


Finance and HR Cloud 


The Finance and HR Cloud login screen can be accessed via the home page. Once you have reached the login screen, sign in using your NetPass credentials.  

Important Reminders Before You Begin 

  • HR Cloud contains sensitive personal data. Please be sure to log out completely and close your web browser when you are finished working. 

  • DO NOT use your browser’s back button when using HR Cloud. 

  • For assistance with the HR Cloud platform, or to report a problem, contact Human Resources. 


Adding NYS Paid Sick Leave to Timecards

  1. Once within HR Cloud, click on the Home icon
  2. Navigate to the Me tab, and click the Time and Absence app
  3. To enter time on your current timecard click Current Timecard. Otherwise, click Existing Timecard 
  4. From Existing Timecard click and then select a date from the time period where the NYS Sick Leave time will be entered and it will automatically go to that pay period. 
  5. Once you are on the pay period of your choice, click the Add button to record your hours. Note: You can confirm you are on the right pya period by looking in the top left, near the Ithaca College logo. 
  6. Under Job – Department or Assignment, select 99 – Student Absences. This is the assignment that all NYS Paid Sick Leave time should be reported to. Select or search for NYS Paid Sick Leave under Hours Type. Select the date(s) that this leave is for,and enter the number of hours under Quantity
  7. Once you are finished entering time for NYS Paid Sick Leave, click OK and then click Submit to submit your timecard for approval. You can also click Actions then Save and Close to save your timecard. 

Checking Balance for NYS Paid Sick Leave

  1. From the Time and Absence app, click on Absence Balance. 
  2. Here you will be able to see your total remaining balance for NYS Paid Sick Leave and which assignment to select when adding time for NYS Paid Sick Leave.  


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