Payroll, timecards, direct deposit, tax withholding, W-2s and employment verifications.

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Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule

Payroll schedule for Non-Exempt employees and student employees.

Semi-Monthly Payroll Schedule

Payroll schedule for exempt faculty and staff.

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Pinned Article Costing Accounts by Department in IC HR Cloud

This article indexes all departments in the IC HR Cloud and the account number associated with them. Refer to this article when hiring employees, creating requisitions, or when completing transactions in IC HR Cloud that requires associating an employee's record with a specific account number.

Pinned Article Using Team Time Cards to Manage Time Cards for Direct Reports

Information for line managers on creating, reviewing, approving, and reject timecards for direct reports.

Employment Verification Services via The Work Number

This article explains the process for requesting/receiving employment, income and Social Services verifications via The Work Number, IC's employment verification partner.

Time Entry Scenarios for Inclement Weather, Holiday, Wellness Day, New Years

This article provides helpful information about how to enter your time during instances that have different time types: inclement weather, holidays, wellness days, new year's eve.

Update Pay Information: Direct Deposit, Payslips, Tax Withholding

Instructions on how to set up direct deposit, and view payslips, and update tax withholding.