IC HR Cloud: Log In & Mobile App

Access the IC Finance and HR Cloud at work or on the go: via your Internet browser or via mobile app.


This article is intended for faculty, staff and student employees who use the IC Finance and HR Cloud to complete HR and Finance tasks.


Section 1: Logging In to IC Finance & HR Cloud

Section 2: Mobile App for Finance & HR Cloud

Log In to Finance & HR Cloud

  • Go to apps.ithaca.edu
  • Select Finance and HR Cloud
  • You will be directed to login using your Netpass username and password. For more information on Netpass, see IT TDX Article, Managing Your Netpass Account.
  • There is a two-step verification process via Duo Mobile. For more information on Duo, please see IT TDX Article, Introduction to Duo.
  • Once logged in, select Welcome to IC Finance and HR Cloud! to enter the IC Finance and HR Cloud


Mobile App for IC Finance & HR Cloud

Many of the functions available to users in IC HR Cloud can also be accessed via mobile app on iOS or Android devices. Follow the instructions in this article to download and begin using the mobile app.

To download and begin using the mobile app:

1. In the app store on your mobile device, search for Oracle HCM Cloud.

Fig. 1 App Store listing for Oracle HCM Cloud


2. Tap or Click the button in your app store to Download or Get the Oracle HCM Cloud app.

3. Once the app has finished downloading, return to the home screen on your device and open the Oracle HCM Cloud app.

4. Tap or Click to Agree to the Legal Terms.

5.Type or Copy and Paste the following into the field below Enter your environment information to get started:

6. Sign in with your NetPass information.

7. Request authentication with Duo.

8. Tap or Click Approve.

While using the app, you can swipe right at any time to return to the home screen, or swipe left to access settings. The functions available in the app follow the same procedures you would use when accessing the Cloud in your computer's web browser. Please refer to the other content in the knowledge base for more information.

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