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The IC HR Cloud applications are designed to work in harmony with each other and with Ithaca College’s needs. This new system is built on current best practices, and provides a modern, mobile friendly platform with icon-based navigation, that puts the user experience first while reflecting the data that Human Resources manages.


This article is intended for line managers and search committee hiring managers who are using the manager self service tab, "My Team", in IC HR Cloud, to complete transactions for their direct reports: including Workforce Compensation, Performance Review, timecard and absence approvals, and more.

A separate index for employee self service can be found here.


Select the app from the "My Team" tab that you're using to see all knowledge base articles for that app. As new Knowledge Base articles are created, we will update this list.

Logging In

The "My Team" Tab & App



Performance & Performance Overview

Workforce Compensation

Team Time Cards

Logging In

The IC HR Cloud login screen can be accessed  on the apps.ithaca.edu home page. Once you have reached the login screen, sign in using your NetPass credentials. 

User Guides:

Basic Introduction for Managers

IC HR Cloud: Mobile App

Additional resources, guides and definitions about each app in IC HR Cloud's manager self service tab is listed below.


IC HR Cloud: The "My Team" Tab

The My Team tab is your hub for all manager self service. Use this hub to find the apps and quick actions that you need, to review and change information for your direct reports, or to do a quick search.
When you first login to the IC HR Cloud system, you will see the page below. Follow the diagram below for a quick reference on navigating the main page: 

Fig. 1 – IC HR Cloud My Team Page. Ithaca College logo in top left corner serves as a Home button. Search Bar located in the middle of the top of the screen. Top right corner contains house icon for Home, bell icon for Notifications, and your photo or initials for Settings & Actions. Quick Actions listed in bottom left area. Apps area containing different colored icons located in bottom right. 

  1. Ithaca College Logo: Navigates to the home page from anywhere in IC HR Cloud 
  2. Search Bar: Used to quickly and easily search for people and actions in IC HR Cloud 
  3. Navigation Bar
    1. Home: Similar to the Ithaca College logo, the home icon navigates to the home page from anywhere in IC HR Cloud.
    2. Star: Add items to your favorites and explore recent pages you've visited.
    3. Bell: Notifications will display a number if you have any outstanding alerts, approvals or unread notifications 
  4. My Team Tab: The "My Team" tab is your manager self service hub. This is where you can view or change information for your direct reports.
  5. Apps & Quick Actions: 
    1. Apps contains functions you will use as an employee. Click on an icon to enter the App and access its functions. 
    2. Quick Actions: provides easy access to some of the functions contained within your Apps. 
  6. Show More: Click the "Show more" tab to see more actions that you can complete through self service.
My Team: Basic Manager User Guides


Directory allows you to search public information about IC Employees that they have made visible (office numbers, office phone, work email, department, etc. You can also view organization charts from the Cloud directory.
User Guides:

Directory and Organization Charts in IC HR Cloud
Directory allows you to search public information about IC Employees that they have made visible (office numbers, office phone, work email, department, etc. You can also view organization charts from the Cloud directory.​​​​​​​


Employee success is a journey unto itself. Journeys drives success by delivering personalized guidance to support employees through professional and personal workflows, such as onboarding, exploring career opportunities, transferring to a new role, starting a new project, getting married, or having a baby, all with one user experience, powered by one system of record—Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. As a manager, you can assign Journeys to your direct reports or review their completion metrics.

User Guides:

  • Journeys in IC HR Cloud 
    Employee success is a Journey. This article provides employees and managers with information about using, assigning and requesting Journeys (personalized workflows and organized tasks) in IC HR Cloud.​​​​​​​


The Hiring App is the hub for hiring managers and search committee members to complete recruiting actions, to hire new employees and student employees.
User Guides

Hiring Employees:

Hiring Student Employees:

Performance Management & Goals

Performance Management captures formal and informal feedback from multiple sources to provide a rich, well-rounded review of employees’ performance throughout the year and offers ongoing activity through continuous conversations on goals, alignment, checkpoints, career development, and coaching to enhance performance. 
User Guides
  • Anytime Feedback
    Want to give kudos to an employee for a job well done, or to provide feedback on an employee's work, projects, or success? You can provide feedback to any employee directly through IC HR Cloud.
  • Performance Review for Supervisors
    For supervisors with direct reports, instructions on how to complete the annual Performance Review process for each employee are detailed in this article.​​​​​​​
  • Performance: Basic Navigation for Managers (Forthcoming)

Workforce Compensation

Workforce Compensation is a manager's hub for managing employee compensation/increment budgets and allocations during the Annual Increment process.
User Guides

Compensation Structure/Salary Determination:

Staff Compensation Structure
Current compensation structure for Exempt and Non-Exempt Staff employees, and the reference for determination of salaries for staff positions at IC.

​​​​​​​Student Employee Compensation Structure
Current compensation structure for student employees, and the reference for determination of salaries for student employment positions at IC (excluding Graduate Assistantships).


Annual Increment:

Staff & Faculty Merit Increment - Manager Guide
This article will be used by executive officers and their direct reports to manage/allocate divisional Merit increment budgets and allocations.

Staff & Faculty Increment - View Compensation Change Statements
Access the My Compensation tab in IC HR Cloud to view your current and past Salary, your Compensation Change Statement(s), as well as some additional compensation details.


​​​​​​​Team Time Cards

Time & Absence supports a wide range of time recording needs for employees with full drag and drop capabilities, as well as the ability to enter time or absences in a fast, easy way. This means a streamlined way of completing time cards and entering in time away from work. Absence Management, likewise, creates absence plans that enable employees to accrue time for the purpose of taking paid leave, for example, a vacation plan or short-term disability leave.
User Guides:

Timecard Entry & Approval:

Payroll Schedules



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