Receiving a Page Error Message when in Student View


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I get an error message in Student View "This page is part of the module BLUEPRINT: Information for Instructors - Do Not Publish and hasn't been unlocked yet."

The Page you created will not publish for student view as long as it is under the “Blueprint Module.”  We recommend reviewing the detailed directions in the Blueprint Guide found within the module.


Here is one option to fix the issue with your Page:

  1. Click on Modules in the navigation 
  2. Click on the + Module button in the top right corner 
  3. Create a new module and give it a name 
  4. Drag and drop your Page from the Blueprint module into your new module 
  5. Publish the page and the module 


Troubleshooting: How to Fix "Page Locked by Unpublished Module"


For additional questions or help on using Canvas, here is the link to the Canvas Instructor Guide in the Canvas Community:


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