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Change Display Name in Canvas

This article addresses the question of why a user is not able to change the Display Name in Canvas

Controlling Student Access to Your Canvas Course

The following article will address changing the student access settings to your course before and after term end dates, as well as customizing the start and end dates of your course.

Cross-Listing Courses in Canvas

This article explains what cross listing is in the context of Canvas (combining sections into a single course site), effects of cross-listing a course, and how to request if faculty want to proceed.

End-of-Term Canvas Checklist

A checklist to review at the end of each Term, with simple tasks to take in Canvas to wrap up and organize.

File Management and Delivery in Canvas

This article provides an introduction to Canvas Course file usage information, as well as an introduction to the IT Supported LTI Integrations connected to Canvas, that are used for managing and delivering content.

How to Download Videos From Canvas Studio

This article contains step-by-step instructions for downloading videos from Canvas Studio.

How to Reuse Course Content from Previous Canvas Course Sites

This article provides two methods for instructors to reuse content from previous Canvas courses, ranging from duplicating an entire course to individual pages, assignments, and modules.

How to Transfer Canvas Rubrics Between Courses

This article will go over the basics of copying Rubrics between courses in Canvas. You need to use the Course Import tool for this function in Canvas.

How to Use Canvas Rubrics

This article is intended to provide an overview of Rubrics, the native tool for creating and assigning rubrics in Canvas.

Migrating Question Pools from Sakai to Canvas (Instructions for Classic and New Quizzes)

This article provides step-by-step instructions for how to manually migrate your question pools from Sakai to Canvas. If you are not planning to use New Quizzes, stop before moving on to step 5 where you migrate to New Quizzes.

Quick Guide: Classic Quizzes vs New Quizzes

This article provides instructions and information on the differences between Classic and New Quizzes in Canvas LMS.

Receiving a Page Error Message when in Student View

This article answers the question of why an error message appears when trying to view a Page that is part of the Blueprint Module in your Canvas course.

Using Migrated Sakai Content in Canvas

This article provides information to help users understand the differences between Sakai and Canvas and locating migrated course content

Viewing Past Courses

View all current and previous Canvas courses on your Courses page.