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How can I change my Display Name in Canvas?

We recognize and affirm that who you are is of vital importance to us.

In Canvas the Full Name is what comes over from other campus systems (like Homer/Banner) and it is what is used for Grading. The Display Name is what people see in Discussions, Messages, and Comments.  The IC Canvas environment is configured to pull the Lived Name (sometimes called Chosen Name or Preferred Name) from Homer/Banner. Note that if you submit a name change request it may take a few days for that change to appear in Canvas. Once it changes is Homer/Banner it usually takes about 24-hours to be updated in Canvas. 

The option for a user to edit their name is disabled by default from Canvas. Both the LMS Governance and Executive Committees, comprised of faculty from all 5 schools, students, and other campus partners, determined that this option will remain disabled at this time. This coincides with the policies and practices of other software systems at Ithaca College. We know this may be different from what you have experienced in the past, and we appreciate your understanding.   

If you need to submit a name change request, please contact the Office of the Registrar or review the Student Forms available on the website:

If you have already submitted a name change request, and have received a notification that your request has been completed and closed, but your name remains incorrect, please respond to the notification indicating the system(s) where your name is incorrect. You can also contact the IT Service Desk through its normal channels.


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