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Reviewing Migrated Content in Canvas

The LMS Implementation Team working with K16 to complete a manual migration of all IC courses taught in Sakai during Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 semesters.  When these courses come over from Sakai they will look different in Canvas and may have a different name because of the differences between the two systems and you may have to do a few extra clicks to get to them. As a reminder, student content does not migrate from Sakai to Canvas, since the information is tied to an individual, not the course.

We suggest opening up your course in Sakai and your migrated course in Canvas to compare them side-by-side. Review the information regarding the equivalencies between the two systems, along with additional information on migrating content in the Canvas Resources @ IC site (Module 3).  Here are some examples of where content can be found: 

  • Resources in Sakai —> are Files in Canvas - These may not be in the same folders and will most likely need to be reorganized. 
  • Lessons in Sakai —> are Pages in Canvas
  • URL links in Resources in Sakai —> Maybe a single Page in Canvas or may have failed in the migration. Our best recommendation is to consider these links and determine if they fit better in your Canvas course in-line on a Page or if they fit better in the Module
  • Forums in Sakai —> Discussions in Canvas
  • Assignments in Sakai —> Assignments in Canvas
  • Quizzes/Tests in Sakai —> Quizzes in Canvas 
  • Question Pools/Banks in Sakai —> These need to be manually migrated to Canvas and added to Item Banks using New Quizzes. Follow the steps in the Canvas Resources @ IC course (Module 3) for moving Question Pools from Sakai

Lastly, we highly recommend all faculty go through the self-paced resources to learn more about using the new LMS and designing your new course in Canvas. The list of self-paced training and other documentation can be found in the Canvas Resources @ IC course.  

If your course is over 2GB we recommend moving some of your content to an alternate platform. You can review the article How To: Retain Content Before Sakai Site Deletion with steps and alternate tools for storing your content. 

When Content Appears to be Missing

There are a few scenarios in which migrated content may appear missing.

  • If you are having a difficult time locating any of your courses, be sure to check the Courses button on the sidebar, and select All Courses. Sakai migrated courses are identified with the long Sakai string URL, under the course name on the course card.
  • If your Sakai course was over 2 GB in size, it will not be able to migrate over, as the destination (a canvas site) is too small. The limit for a single Canvas course site is 2 GB total. We recommend opening up the Sakai site and checking the storage limit indicated on the site. You can do this by navigating to the site, clicking Resources on the left sidebar, and clicking the Quota tab toward the top of the page. We also recommend reviewing the article How To: Retain Content Before Sakai Site Deletion with steps and alternate tools for storing your content. 
  • If the above does not seem to indicate where missing content may be, your course content may have a small chance of still being in process of being moved over, or might have stopped during the transfer. You can contact the Service Desk by usual means to get support for this request. When you request assistance, please include the URL of the site that has not fully migrated over, if possible; the name/CRN of the course; and a basic inventory what content appears to be missing.
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