How to Reuse Course Content from Previous Canvas Course Sites

Reusing Content in Canvas 

It is easy for instructors to duplicate, import, and reuse content and media between Canvas courses and course sections. 

There are two methods to duplicate content between courses. The first is best for duplicating an entire course at once, and the second method is best for duplicating individual materials such as pages or assignments.


How to Duplicate an Entire Canvas Course 


1. Go to the course shell that you are intending to copy into. Course Navigation, click “Settings” .  




2. In the right-hand sidebar, click "Import Course Content." 




3. In the Content Type drop-down menu, select the Copy a Canvas Course option.  




4. In the Search for a course drop-down menu, select the course you would like to copy content from. Courses are ordered alphabetically by most recent term. (You can also choose to include completed courses by selecting the completed courses checkbox). 





 NOTE: To search for a course by name, enter the name in the Course Name field. Click the name of the course when it appears.  

 IMPORTANT NOTE: If your section names have the same short name (no section number), you will need to use a different work around to duplicate one course into another. It is best to use the internal Canvas course code number (the digits for that course from the url - like 4613, 12123, etc.) Use that number within the search box and you will get the specific course.

5. Select the All Content radio button to import all content from the original site. (Alternatively, if you only want to import specific content from this course, you can select "Select specific content."