Viewing Past Courses

Canvas automatically puts courses into a 'read-only' state after the course term ends, but unless an instructor specifically hides the course (see Settings, 
'Restrict students from viewing course after term end date'), users should still be able to find and view all old courses and content they have been enrolled in.

For more information on controlling student access to courses as an instructor, visit the following resource: ‘Controlling Student Access to Your Canvas Course’ 

View All Canvas Courses

To view the complete list of courses you have been enrolled in as a student or instructor,

  • Log into Canvas (
  • Click the 'Courses' navigation link on the left, then
  • Click the 'All Courses' link at the top of the course list

Image of Canvas navigation showing the Course list and the All Courses link at the bottom


This will bring you to your main Courses page with a full list of courses, grouped by current and Past courses

  • You can bookmark this page for quicker access in the future, or you can get there directly using this link:
  • Click the star next to any course to add to your 'favorites', which display on your Dashboard page. Note: Dashboard is limited to a maximum of 20 courses. Only active/current courses may be added to favorites.
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