How to Use Canvas Rubrics

This article is intended to provide an overview of the native tool, Rubrics, for creating and assigning rubrics in Canvas. 


This article is intended for faculty. 





Canvas Rubric Basics 

Canvas Rubrics work by combining Criteria, dimensions across which you can grade an assignment (or other activity) with various point-scored ratings that you can award students based on their fulfillment of those criteria. You can customize the range of scores and the total scores associated with each criterion and rating and provide students with descriptive that illustrates what sort of work falls within which rating. 


Creating a Rubric 


The Rubrics tool is visible in the right-hand course navigation menu. Click on it to open the tool. 

To create a new Rubric, click the blue “Add Rubric” Plus-sign button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 

Now click Edit. Entitle your Rubric. After editing Criteria and Ratings (information provided below,) make sure to click the blue “Create Rubric” button. 


Adding Criteria 


To add a Criterion for grading, click the + Criterion button. You can Duplicate existing Criteria or create a new Criterion from scratch. 

To score the Criterion along a range, click the “Range” checkbox. 

To the far left of the Criterion, you will set the total points available within the Criterion. 


Adding Ratings 


To the right of the “Description of Criterion” box, you can create multiple ratings by clicking the Blue plus-button icon in between the ranges. You can also edit the given ratings by clicking the pencil “Edit” icon. 

For each new rating, you will be prompted to enter: 

  1. Rating score range (the rating will be awarded to participants whose submissions fall within the range listed) 

  1. Rating title (titles the given rating) 

  1. Rating description (describes how the rating meets or fails to meet expectations for the given Criterion) 

After entering this information, click “Update Rating.” 


Adding a Rubric to a Course, Assignment, Discussion, or Quiz 


The workflow for adding a rubric to a Course, Assignment, Discussion, or Quiz looks slightly different. Please review the following documentation to see the precise process for each. 



Additional Documentation 


How do I manage rubrics in a course? - Instructure Community

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