Using Team Time Cards to Manage Time Cards for Direct Reports

Line managers can manage the time cards of their direct reports directly through the IC HR Cloud application, by selecting the Team Time Cards quick action in My Team. Through the Team Time Cards quick action, line managers can submit time cards on behalf of their direct reports, can review/approve all time cards submitted by their direct reports, and can also review the previous time cards of their direct reports in the saved, submitted, rejected, or approved buckets. 


Time Card Statuses: 

Time cards fall into a number of categories, including: 

  • Saved: The time card was created by the employee and was saved, but the time card was not submitted. Until the time card is actually submitted the supervisor will not receive the time card for approval nor will Payroll process the time card.  
  • Submitted: The employee has submitted the time card for their manager’s approval; however, the manager has not yet approved it. 
  • Approved: The time card has been approved by the line manager(s), and will be processed by Payroll in the next available Payroll cycle. (Please note, in the case of student employees, their may be multiple managers that need to approve the time card.) 
  • Rejected: The time card has been rejected by one or more line manager because data needs to be corrected. The time card will need to be re-submitted by the employee and re-approved by the line manager(s) in order to be processed in the next available Payroll cycle. 

Access Team Time Cards:

The Team Time Cards quick action will only be available to current line managers with direct reports assigned to them. To access Team Time Cards, login to the IC HR Cloud > select My Team > select  Show More > and select Team Time Cards.


Fig. 1: Screenshot of My Team work area in IC HR Cloud.

Submit a Time Card on Behalf of a Direct Report: 

Line managers can submit time cards on behalf of their direct reports. The process within Team Time Cards reflects the process employees encounter when submitting their own time cards. Once you are logged into the Team Time Cards App, ensure that all filters are unselected.

  1. Click on the +Add button. Select the name of the direct report for whom you are submitting the time card.
  2. In the  Date field, type the first date of the pay period in which the work occurred. The time card period will automatically update.
  3. Once the correct time card period has been chosen, select the +Add  tile under Entries. This is where you will submit the time worked by your direct report.
  4. Click on the Job – Department drop down arrow, Select the appropriate job (Please note, student employees may have multiple jobs. Ensure the correct job is submitted.)
  5. Select Time Type (example: “Regular – Day”)
  1. Under Select Dates, click on calendar icon, click to select one or more dates.
  2. In Quantity field, enter number of hours to add to each selected date (example: 1.5)
  1. Click on OK button
  2. Once all time worked has been entered, Click Show Details, then click Calculate, to review for accuracy
  3. Click Submit (top right). You can approve the time card by following the steps outlined below. Please note, you may need to refresh the screen in order to populate the new time card.

Approve/Reject a Time Card  

All time cards that have been submitted and are awaiting your review will populate in Team Time Cards. 

  1. For Time Cards requiring approval, a call-out banner with the text “Your approval is required” will appear. Click the See details link.
  2. Review the Time Card details and click the Approve or Reject button.

Fig 2 Call-out banner with text “Your approval is required” and link “See How It's Going.”

Mass Approve/Reject Time Cards on Behalf of a Direct Report: 

If you have reviewed all time cards and would like to approve all at once, you can do so by selecting the check box next to each employee time card submission, selecting Actions, then selecting Approve or Reject.

Fig 3 Multiple timecard submissions with process for mass approval.

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