How to use the PolyCom Video Conferencing.

Turning on the Computer

The Computer is located on the wall behind the display in rooms that use PolyCom Systems, to turn it on there is a power button located on the outward facing side of the computer.

When the displayed is turned on the Input for this computer should be Source HDMI 1


Turning on the Display

For turning on the Display simply use the Fire TV remote in rooms such as Job 214 or use the panel labeled screen controls in rooms that do not have a remote for access such as Friends 104.


Laptop Use

Attached to the Display is an HDMI cable that can be used for Laptop use to connect to the display and system for conferencing from one's Personal Laptop.

This input should be source HDMI 2 and can be selected by changing the input using the remote if available or by the use of the Source button on the wall panel.


Zoom and Teams Use

When using either of these applications the Microphone and speakers in the room should be locked into the correct input and output of PolyCom when starting or joining a meeting. However they are not connected to that operating system and use the apps audio and video settings to select the correct Output and Input devices of PolyCom.


Laptop Connectivity

For connecting a laptop to the slightly different  X50 PolyCom Conferencing systems there are a few easy steps to follow for various forms of use. Firstly connect your personal laptop to the labeled HDMI and USB using an adapter that is connected to the system, if the adapter is not compatible with your device simply connect your laptop using the HDMI and USB connections individually.

After connecting your laptop to the device using a remote select “device mode” this will then display your device to screen and allow you to use the camera and speaker from the PolyCom device.


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