Information about the various components found in classrooms across campus.

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Wireless Presentation

Articles regarding wireless collaboration/presentation software to connect laptops and mobile devices to AV systems.

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Pinned Article Getting Started: Classroom Technology Installations to Support Hybrid Instruction

This article provides a brief introduction to the technology in newly equipped classrooms, and how to use it. It also shows some basic instruction on how to use it and settings to check for AV settings in the software you are using in the classroom.

Pinned Article Guide to Extron rooms

This quick start guide will help you understand how to use a room with an Extron panel.

Classroom Equipment

The majority of classrooms on campus are technology-equipped classrooms. This article covers a basic overview of common equipment in the rooms.

Connecting a Laptop to the A/V System

One of two control systems are used for connecting a laptop to the A/V system, Pixie Pro and Crestron.

How to use the PolyCom Video Conferencing.

This is a guide to help staff and students with the use of the Video Conferencing in rooms that use the PolyCom conference systems across Campus such in Job 114 and Friends 104.

Quick Guide: Using Crestron Controllers

This article is an introduction on how to use Crestron Controllers, an interface used in classrooms with a number of available functions.

Quick Guide: Using Pixie Pro Controllers

This article is an introduction on how to use Pixie Pro Controller, a device used in classrooms that allow for one to perform a number of functions from one interface.

Tips for Speaking through a Face Covering

This article provides tips for speaking through a face covering in a classroom setting

Tips for Video & Web Conferencing in the Classroom

If you are going to be calling someone via video conferencing software in a classroom, there are a lot of things to pay attention to and ask questions about before the day arrives.