Getting Started: Voicethread at Ithaca College

What is Voicethread?

Voicethread is an online tool for having asynchronous conversations around media. You can upload media files using your voice, webcam, text then share what you made with others so that they can join in the conversation.

  Voicethread's Web page

How can Voicethread be used?

There are many ways to use Voicethread in your classroom. Some ideas include:

  • Creating instructor "presence" in an online course.
  • Asynchronous discussion board with media and text for an online course.
  • Student can record presentations and comment on each others.
  • Practicing listening and speaking languages.
  • Providing an audio tour of your syllabus.
  • Holding asynchronous virtual office hours.
  • Demonstrating musical or vocal skills and getting feedback.
  • Creating multimedia portfolios.


  • Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are supported browsers.  Do not use Safari or Internet Explorer because they don't support HTML5.  
  • A webcam or microphone is useful for leaving voice or video comments.

Adding a Voicethread to Canvas

There are two ways to create a Voicethread assignment in Canvas: through Modules and Assignments.

In Modules, click the "Add Content" + Sign for the Module in question, then select "External Tool" and scroll down to select "Voicethread". This will launch the Voicethread setup page.

In Assignments, create an assignment and fill in the basic information. Under "Submission Type", select "External Tool" and scroll down to select "Voicethread". Click "Find", then click "Voicethread." This will launch the Voicethread setup page.

Opening the tool in Canvas will provision an account or authenticate the user into their account.   All members of a Canvas course site are members of a Voicethread "group" with the same name as the Canvas site.  By default, instructors have Pro accounts and students have Basic accounts.

Logging into Voicethread via custom URL for Ithaca College

The URL is the portal for the Voicethread license at Ithaca College. Log in with netpass ID via the single-sign-on (SSO).  An account is provisioned the first time an individual logs in.

Creating your profile and identity

After users are logged into their Voicethread account, they can create one or more 'identities' and upload photos or images.

 See instructions on "Creating a New Identity"  

Managing Voicethread Notifications

Voicethread sends email notifications.  See the following to manage them.

 Managing Notifications


Voicethread has various features to address Accessibility.

  Accessibility features in Voicethread

Learning More and Getting help

Please put in a request with  IT Service Desk Teaching and Learning Group to request assistance with Voicethread.

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