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Welcome Ithaca College student to your tutorial on how to browse courses to locate course registration numbers (CRNs) for when registration opens on June 3rd at 9am. We’re going to get started on Degree Works. I’m interested in finding courses in my major based on the information I was given in my Sakai pre-orientation module. I’m going to come on to Degree Works and take a look at this Psychology course and when it’s being offered. I’m going to go ahead and click on this hyperlink that’s going to open up a new window that is going to have this course schedule listed. I’m very interested in taking a course for fall 2019, so we’re going to make sure that our courses say fall 2019 over here for term. This is a psychology course that’s going to fit in my schedule perfectly because I checked on HomerConnect and turns out I’m already registered for two courses! But this Tuesday, Thursday 1:10 is going to work nicely. So what I want to do is capture this information. I’m a copy and paste person so I’m going to do a Ctrl C and bring up a Word document where I’m going to track all the courses I find as I browse. Here is the CRN, this five-digit code which is the important number I’m going to need during registration. Let me go ahead and push this out of the way and close this window. I want to browse some additional courses that were recommended in my pre-orientation module. I’m going to take a look at this Diversity Attribute. These are courses in the competencies section and by clicking on that attribute, I’m going to open the schedule to show any course that satisfies it. Now you notice these courses don’t have days and times listed. That means that they are just not being offered for the fall semester. These symbols at the end of the course description are legend on our course catalog and you can reference that to find out when these will be offered. So if People, Plants, & Culture is a course you’re very interested in, you might want to wait till spring of odd years to take it. I’m just going to scroll down and I see that the first course being offered is an Anthropology 200 level course and this is a course I might want to wait for my sophomore year to take, plus this course has prerequisites that I haven’t met. So I’m going to keep searching. Another way to search for courses is actually in homerconnect and it gives you a little bit different functionality. I’m going to come to HomerConnect and click “Registration and Planning” and browse courses. I want to make sure that when the browse courses opens that you choose the term you’re interested in and click “Continue”. I recommend highly that everyone goes right to “Advanced Search” and I am interested in searching Art History and Art and maybe a Biology. Now, I’m not really sure what the course number I want to take is so I have an option. I can leave it blank and it will bring up all of the courses with these subject codes. Or I can do one and a percent sign and what that’s telling me is show me every 100 level course in Art, Art History or Biology. As you scroll through this list, you can see there’s lots of different search criteria. One of the things I’m very interested in right now is whether or not a course is open or closed meaning that there are seats available. So I’m going to go ahead and click “Open Sections Only” and click “Search”. When this appears, this is very similar to Excel. So I’m going to use this here as a filter and shut of “Attribute” so that I can see additional information on my screen. Sometimes some of this meeting time information is cut off but if I hover over this, I can see additional days and times and buildings all right here on my main screen. Theory and Practice is a course I am very interested in so I’m going to click on this title and I would like to capture the days and times and CRN. I’m going to click “Instructor/Meeting Times” and just pull down my window a little bit. Here is that all important CRN which is the five-digit number I need, I’m going to pull my screen up, grab that, and I also really need to know when and where this is going to be offered so I can make sure that it doesn’t conflict with other things I am interested in taking. We are going to put that in my document and you could see that when I paste it shows me that it’s Thursday. I hope you enjoy looking for courses for the fall 2019 term. Please keep in mind that registration starts on June 3rd at 9am but Add/Drop continues until September 4th. So, you have plenty of time to look for courses, add/drop and work with your advisor. Look forward to seeing you at orientation.

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