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This article explains how to set up and access your Ithaca College voicemail.


This article is intended for faculty and staff.

How to Access Voice Mail

 Note: The default security code is always 2580.

From your campus desk phone:

  1. Lift the handset or press the speaker button.
  2. Dial 41850 or press the Message or VMAIL button.

If you are away from your desk phone:

  1. Dial (607) 274-1850.
  2. Press # when the system answers.
  3. Dial 9 plus your 5-digit phone number.

Tree (Shared) Voice Mail

To access your main voice mailbox (tree):

  1. Dial 41850.
  2. Press # when the system answers.
  3. Dial 9 plus your 5-digit phone number.

To access your personal voice mail: 

  1. Dial 41850 if you are on campus. Dial (607) 274-1850 if you are off campus.
  2. Press # when the system answers
  3. Dial 9 plus your 7-digit voice mail box number.

Voice Mail Setup

The first time you use your voice mail, you must personalize it. 

Recording Your Name

  1. Say your first and last name when prompted.
  2. Press * to stop recording.
  3. Press 1 to change the recording.
  4. Press 2 to keep the recording.

System Directory

This option allows callers to "dial by name" to reach your extension:

  1. Press 1 for yes.
  2. Press 2 for no.

Recording Your Greeting(s): Standard, Busy, Alternate

  1. Press 1 if you want to record different greetings.
  2. Follow prompts to record multiple greetings:
    • Press * to stop recording.
    • Press 1 to change the recording.
    • Press 2 to keep the recording.

Security Code

Follow prompts to enter a security code:

  1. Enter a security code you will not forget.
  2. When finished press *.
  3. Re-enter your security code.
  4. When finished, press *.

Saving Your Settings

Follow prompts to save your settings or start over:

  1. Press 1 to save your settings.
  2. Press 2 to erase and restart the tutorial.

Checking Messages

  1. Access your voice mail.
  2. Enter your security code.
  3. New messages will automatically play.
  4. Press * for the main menu.

Creating a Mailbox Group

Follow these steps to create a group for sending the same message to multiple users:

  1. Access your voice mail.
  2. Press 7 for setup options.
  3. Press 5 for message groups.
  4. Press 4 to create a group.
  5. Enter the first 3 letters of the group name using the touchtone keypad.
  6. Record a name to identify the group.
  7. Designate the group as public or private.
  8. Press # twice to add phone numbers.
  9. Press 1 to confirm each entry.
  10. When finished, press *.

Sample Greetings

Individual Voice Mail

"This is (your name) with Ithaca College. I am currently away from my desk. If you would like to leave a message, please do so at the tone."

Tree (Shared) Voice Mail Main Greeting

"You have reached the (your department name) at Ithaca College. For (person A) press 1, for (person B) press 2."

Tips and Tricks

  • Responding to Yes or No prompts:
    • For Yes, always press 1.
    • For No, always press 2.
  • To delete a long message without listening to the end, press 36.
  • To hear message time stamp, press 38.
  • To return to the main menu, press *.
  • To exit the system at any time, press ***.
  • To skip a mailbox greeting and record a message, press * once.

Voice Mail Quick Reference

  • Check new messages: press 4.
  • Leave messages: press 5.
  • Review messages: press 6.
  • Change setup options: press 7.
  • Hear current greeting: press 744.
  • Switch greetings: press 745.
  • Add a message group: press 754.
  • Edit a message group: press 755.
  • Change security code: press 774.
  • During message playback:
    • Stop playback for menu options: press 3.
    • Slow down playback: press 4.
    • Adjust volume: press 5.
    • Speed up playback: press 6.
    • Rewind five seconds: press 7.
    • Pause or Continue: press 8.
    • Fast forward five seconds: press 9.
    • Repeat message: press #.
    • Save message as new: press 30.
    • Reply to message: press 34.
    • Check next message: press 35.
    • Delete message: press 36.
    • Archive message: press 37.
    • Hear time/date of message: press 38 .
    • Redirect message: press 39.
    • Return to main menu: press *.
    • Exit voice mail system quickly press ***.
  • Message Recording:
    • Pause recording: press 8.
    • Re-Record message: press #.
    • End recording: press *.
    • Edit recording: press 4.
    • Review Recording: press 45.
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