Lost, Stolen or Damaged Computer Equipment

Processes and procedures to be followed in the situation of lost, stolen or damaged college owned computer equipment. More information and detail can be found in the Policies and Procedures document.

Loaner equipment may be temporarily available while the lost or stolen equipment is being replaced. 


This article is intended for faculty and staff.

Damaged Equipment

If college owned computer equipment has sustained damage or wear beyond normal use, or is missing components (i.e. keyboard), it should be reported immediately to the Information Technology Service Desk, 274-1000. 

Information Technology will generate an internal tracking issue for an endpoint systems technician to assess the damage. The department may be charged for the repair if the damage is not covered under warranty or the damage is determined to be caused by the end user. Repair of damaged leased and non-leased computer equipment is the responsibility of the guardian department.

If a leased system is damaged beyond repair, the fair-market-value of the machine as determined by the college’s leasing company will be charged to the department. Examples of damage include cracked cases, broken components, etc.

Theft or Loss

If college owned computer equipment is lost or stolen, it must be reported to:

  1. The Office of Public Safety, 4-3333
  2. The Risk Management Office, 4-3285
  3. The IT Service Desk, 4-1000

Specific process details are found in the Policies and Procedures in the event of Lost/Stolen or Damaged Computer Equipment document. If the employee was traveling, local authorities should be contacted as well.

Replacement of lost or stolen leased and non-leased computer equipment is the responsibility of the guardian department. The guardian department covers the first $1,000 of the purchase price to replace the system and the Risk Management office covers the remaining cost. Risk Management will deposit the funds into the department’s account for this purpose once insurance coverage for the loss has been approved.

Replacement computers are ordered by the department via IC Marketplace. More information on how to purchase college owned computer equipment can be found in the knowledge base article, Purchasing College Owned Computers. If the item was leased, the replacement system must go under the same lease schedule as original lost/stolen unit. Please include a note in the justification section when checking out in IC Marketplace that indicates this asset is replacing a lost, stolen or damaged computer.

If the lost or stolen leased system is not replaced or cannot be replaced in time before the lease ends, a lease buy-out charge, as determined by the leasing company, will be charged to the department. In the event that a lease buy-out occurs, a replacement computer will not be provided by the Technology Renewal Program and the department will have to purchase a replacement.


In the case of negligence, the guardian department may seek reimbursement from the employee to cover the cost of repair or replacement.


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