Help articles related to the Technology Renewal program.

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Pinned Article Technology Renewal Program Details

This article is an overview of the Technology Renewal Program and its various processes.

FAQ: Technology Renewal Program

This frequently asked questions article covers the Technology Renewal Program at Ithaca College.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Computer Equipment

Processes and procedures to be followed in the situation of lost, stolen or damaged college owned computer equipment.

Purchasing New College-Owned Computers

Instructions on how to purchase Dell and Apple computers through IC Marketplace. You can also find the hardware specifications of the Technology Renewal Program and recommended peripherals, such as docking stations and adapters, in this article.

Quick Guide: Technology Renewal Preparation

This guide outlines four steps that you can take to best prepare for the renewal process.

Team Dynamix Asset Management Database

Here are the steps to get to the client portal where you are able to identify all the technology devices allocated under your name.