IC HR Cloud: Timecards (Student Employees and Supervisors)



This article is intended for student employees and their supervisors. 


IC HR Cloud 



Access Time and Absence Functions

To access the Time and Absence app and perform the employee functions outlined in this article:

  1. Login to IC HR Cloud from apps.ithaca.edu
  2. Click on the Ithaca College Logo (top left)
  3. On the IC HR Cloud homepage, click on the Me tab
  4. Under Apps, click on Time and Absences


Fig. 1 Time and Absences app


Complete a Time Card

To add time to your Time Card for the current pay period:


Fig. 2 Current Time Card tile

  1. From the Time and Absences app, Click on the Current Time Card tile
  2. Click on the +Add button
  3. Click on the Job – Department dropdown arrow, Select your job assignment
  4. Select Time Type (example: “Regular – Day”)
  5. Under Select Dates, click on calendar icon, click to select one or more dates
  6. In Quantity field, enter number of hours to add to each selected date (example: 7.5)
  7. Click on OK button
  8. If you have multiple job assignments, click Add another date, then repeat Steps 3-7 for each separate job assignment
  9. Click Show Details, click Calculate, review for accuracy
  10. Click Submit (top right); your Time Card will be submitted to your supervisor for approval
  1. If your supervisor rejects your Time Card, you will receive a notification that your Time Card has been rejected.  Repeat step 1, then Click on  to edit time entry



Approve/Reject a Time Card (Supervisor)

Human Resources recommends approving Time Cards via the My Team tab, as outlined below. Alternatively, Time Cards can also be approved by accessing the Tools tab and clicking on Worklist, or by clicking the Notifications bell icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Fig. 3.1 My Team and Tools tabs in menu near top of page, Notifications icon (bell) in top right corner on IC HR Cloud home screen


To approve or reject a Time Card:


Fig 3.2 Callout banner with text “Your approval is required” and link “See details.”


  1. On the IC HR Cloud home screen, click the My Team tab
  2. Under Quick Actions, click Show More
  3. Click Team Time Cards
  4. For Time Cards requiring approval, a callout banner with the text “Your approval is required” will appear. Click the See details link.
  5. Review the Time Card details and click the Approve or Reject button.
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