Creating a Spend Authorization



Spend Authorizations are approvals for expenses in IC Finance Cloud. These authorizations must be submitted and approved prior to making any travel-related purchases or registering for online conferences. Follow the instructions in this article to complete a Spend Authorization.

The approval chain for Spend Authorizations is determined automatically and follows a supervisor hierarchy. Any Spend Authorization over $2,000.00 will be routed to the appropriate area Vice President for approval.



This article is intended for all faculty and staff.



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  • Important Reminders (Please Read Before You Begin)
  • Creating a Spend Authorization


Important Reminders (Please Read Before You Begin):

  • A Spend Authorization is required for all travel-related and online conference expenses.
  • Once an authorization is approved, a Spend Authorization cannot be deleted.
  • Do not underestimate expenses or a new SA will need to be submitted and approved.


Creating a Spend Authorization