Manage Travel, Credit Card, and Out-of-Pocket Expenses

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Managing Delegates for Expenses

Credit Card charges in IC Finance Cloud will be routed by default to the cardholder. If a cardholder wants to have their card transactions managed by another employee (e.g. a traveler having their transactions updated by a department coordinator), they will need to assign that employee as a delegate.

Follow the instructions in this article to assign a delegate in the Expenses module.

Managing Bank Accounts (Reimbursements or Cash Advance)

To receive a reimbursement or a cash advance electronically, users must first set up a bank account, or designate a default bank account from those that have been set up for direct deposit in IC HR Cloud. Follow the instructions in this article to manage your bank account for payment through the Expenses module.

Creating a Spend Authorization

Spend Authorizations are approvals for expenses in IC Finance Cloud. These authorizations must be submitted and approved prior to making any travel-related purchases. Follow the instructions in this article to complete a Spend Authorization.

The approval chain for Spend Authorizations is determined automatically and follow a supervisor hierarchy. Any Spend Authorization over $2,000.00 will be routed to the appropriate area Vice President for approval.

Managing Expense Items

Expense Items are the transactions that will be included in your Expense Report. This article contains instructions on updating Expense Items for credit card charges and creating Expense Items for out-of-pocket expenses.

Mobile App for Expenses

Employees can manage their Finance Cloud expenses from their iPhone or Android mobile device using the Oracle Fusion Expense mobile application. Follow the instructions in this article to install and use this application.

Creating an Expense Report

Employees must complete an Expense Report for all Expense Items. The Expense Report is used to list and submit for approval a group of Expense Items (e.g. travel expenses associated with a particular trip), and issue any reimbursements for out-of-pocket spending. See below for instructions on how to create and submit an Expense Report.

Cash Advances

Cash Advances associated with travel can be requested using the Expense Module. This article contains instructions on how to submit a Cash Advance request and how to reconcile the advance after travel is completed.