Contract Review

Note: This process is not a purchase request form. It should only be used for the review of contracts for purchases that have already been approved by appropriate parties.

A Contract review is the process of analyzing the provisions within a contractual agreement to ensure that the terms are fair and have no potential risks to Ithaca College. This service is designed for Ithaca College employees to submit potential contracts with outside parties to be reviewed by the Contract Review Team who will provide feedback on any clauses or terms that may be unclear or potentially problematic.

This services is designed to streamline the contract review process and store backup documentation related to each contract entered in by Ithaca College. Using this system, Contract Owners are able to upload their documents for review and provide important details pertaining to the product or vendor. Additionally, this service allows the Contract Review Team to provided feedback to the Contract Owner via comments and track any changes that may be required before the contract can be executed.

Items needed:
Vendor Contract or IC Contract Template
Quote (if applicable)
Certificate of Insurance (COI)
HECVAT (IT Contracts Only)
*Additional documentation may be requested after all parties have completed their initial review.

For more information please visit the Knowledge Base Article: Submitting a Contract for Review


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