Using the Company Portal app on Microsoft Windows

Your Ithaca College IT provided Windows computer comes with the Company Portal application pre-installed to provide Windows users with a trusted source for installing additional Ithaca College provided apps, run diagnostic tests and fix some common issues.


This article is intended for staff, faculty and students


Microsoft Windows 10/11

Using Company Portal

  • In the Start Menu, scroll down to the 'C' group or type Company Portal in the search box
  • Click Company Portal to launch it.
  • You may see a Duo two factor authentication (2FA) prompt.
  • When the Company Portal loads, you can use the left-side menu to browse for applications available to your user account or device.
  • To install an application from the Company Portal, click the application icon. It will open up an information window.
  • Click the Install button to download and install the application
  • When the application install is completed, a blue check box icon will appear at the top of the information screen
  • A shortcut for the app may be added to your desktop or start menu.
  • App install times may depend on your Internet connection's speed and and reliability.

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