File Management and Delivery in Canvas

This article provides an introduction to Canvas Course file usage information, as well as an introduction to the IT Supported LTI Integrations connected to Canvas, that are used for managing and delivering content.


This article is intended for Users (faculty, staff, students, affiliates) who are Instructors on Canvas Courses.




Files in Canvas

Files in Canvas are separated into three main feature areas (user files, course files, and group files) and can be accessed and managed in a variety of ways. For additional information visit Canvas community support: How do I use Files as an instructor?

Each Canvas Course has a storage limit of 2 GB; Canvas Studio has a maximum file upload size of 500 MB. Some courses, due to the subjects covered, or the chosen method of delivery, may have larger files or groups of files than others. There are many ways to efficiently manage and deliver content to Courses, particularly to avoid copying over or duplicating files from semester to semester.

To manage keeping content within the storage limits of the Course, as well as deliver well formatted and easy-to-access content to students, we recommended moving the files to other IT supported software systems including (Kaltura) for audio/video, Course Readings (also known as Leganto) for e-reserves and storing digital files, or Microsoft Office 365 (OneDrive) for integrated collaboration and file sharing.

Integrated Tools

Managing and Embedding Audio/Video Content with Kaltura Media Gallery

Kaltura is the video hosting, management, and delivery system for Ithaca College. To manage, embed, and share media files using Kaltura Media Gallery, upload the files to your account library on This library will be able to be used within Canvas and is also available through the Kaltura Media Space at

Sharing and Assigning Documents and Digital Content with Course Readings (Leganto)

Leganto, or Course Readings as it appears in Canvas Courses' navigation, is an online application that supports the creation and management of course resource lists. Instructors can build, maintain, and share resource lists that include all material types, library staff can provide resources efficiently, and students can access all course materials in one place and from any device. Leganto integrates with the IC library's system, Canvas, mobile apps, and citation tools. 

File Management and Collaboration with Microsoft Office 365 (OneDrive)

Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive is a personal, secure, online storage service that allows you to upload, backup, create, view, edit, and share files with a 1 TB storage limit. Canvas supports an LTI integration with Microsoft Office 365 and allows instructors to use, create, share, and collaborate on Office 365 files within Canvas, while the original file is stored in Office 365. 

Microsoft Teams and Meetings

Microsoft Teams is a desktop, mobile, and web-based communication and collaboration platform for Office 365. Canvas supports an LTI Integration which allows instructors to sync their course roster to a Team and use the Microsoft Teams and Teams Meetings features within Canvas. Teams is ideal for a group of people collaborating on large volumes of files, usually all with edit and/or sharing permissions. Note that each Team has a 25 TB storage limit, and Files and Assignments features in Teams are independent from Canvas.

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