Kaltura is the video hosting, management, and delivery system for Ithaca College. This system can be used within the Learning Management System (Canvas) and also through media.ithaca.edu. The system also provides tools for creating media, basic editing features, and "curating" playlists and channels.

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Edit Features in Kaltura Explained

Explaining the features of the Edit Tools interface for Kaltura. The media tools in Sakai offer a rich set of features that you can use to edit your media in different ways.

Getting Started: Kaltura Personal Capture Recording Tool

The Ithaca College video system supplies software to create original content.  That can be done easily with CaptureSpace, a recording application available to all users of the system.

Kaltura Auto Captions Explained

Ithaca College Teaching and Learning with Technology is happy to add captioning to all of our content in the campus media system.  Captions are a great way to provide more accessible content to a wider audience and also increases our ability to search and find the videos in a new and effective way.

Kaltura FAQ and Video Tutorials

This article explains how to access Kaltura FAQ and video tutorials.

Terms of Service - Ithaca College Media System

The purpose of this document is to establish appropriate guidelines for using the Ithaca College media service called media.ithaca.edu or the Sakai media tool.   The guidelines in this document apply to the use of media.ithaca.edu that are produced as communication for or from Ithaca College by students faculty and staff and its colleges, divisions, departments, courses, organizations and other units.