Technology Renewal Program Details

Technology Renewal Program is a program that all standard model devices are replaced on a 4-year replacement. The purpose of this program is to ensure that the majority of standard use, institutionally owned computers are fully capable of running current or new applications and any future upgrades anticipated during the projected planning cycle to ensure that these computers can continue to be adequately supported. The Ithaca, LA, and London campuses are covered under the program.


This article is intended for staff and faculty.


College Inventory

The official college inventory of computers and networked printers is maintained by Information Technology. Also recorded with each asset is the assigned department, guardian, location, and the next renewal time frame. Under Technology Renewal, the standard CPU, keyboard and mouse are replaced every four years (docking stations, scanners, speakers, and monitors are not part of the renewal program and departments need to budget for the replacement of these items separately). The replacement computer will be pre-installed with the current Ithaca College Network Software Bundle, which includes the Microsoft Office Suite, Web browser, E-mail, virus checking, and other software.

IT uses an electronic asset management system to automatically keep track of configuration information about the college’s computers. Additionally, college offices are asked to report changes in asset location, current user of the device, etc. to IT. Only computers assigned a renewal cycle in the official college computer inventory are eligible for the renewal budgeting process (i.e. if the computer is not in the inventory, a Z cycle machine, or is not part of the renewal program, it will not be replaced via the program).

Budget Information

Technology Renewal Eligible Systems

Centralized budgeting for computers for new employees

Starting next fiscal year (FY2022) if a new Faculty or Staff member needs a primary computer, the supervisor will need to submit a service desk ticket through Team Dynamix and IT will provide a laptop.Departments will no longer need to budget for a standard model computer that is to be the primary device that a new Faculty or Staff member is assigned. Information Technology will be budgeting for these devices through Technology Renewal Program (TRP). 

Please return unused computers – don’t hold them for “future use”

Now that IT will budget for and provide computers for new employees, we ask that any unused machines be returned to IT so that they can be repurposed or returned to the leasing company. There is no need to hold on to these machines “just in case” there is a future need. By returning unused computers you help the college save over $100,000 each year in unnecessary lease payments.

Departments should continue to budget for lab or special use computers.

Departments will continue to need to budget for any new lab or departmental special use machines. 

Replacement of existing computers

Most existing machines are covered by the technology renewal program and will be automatically replaced every 4 years. 

Non-Standard computers will need to continue to be budgeted for by Departments. These machines are machines that would not be replaced at the end of their lifespan (“Z” cycle machines). 

Standard Machines

The Apple MacBook Pro and Dell Latitude Series are the current standard machines provided by the college. Deviations from those standard machines will need to be signed off by the employee’s supervisor and funded by the individual department. The standard machines that will be distributed to faculty and staff for their primary device will include an adaptor to hook up to one monitor if needed. 

Use of College Computers

A reminder that computers provided to college employees are managed by and remain the property of Ithaca College. They are to be used primarily for college-related work, but incidental personal use that complies with college policies is permitted. Computers must be returned to the college upon request or separation from the college.  

Departments will have to budget for the replacement of those items not automatically replaced such as computer monitors, laptop docking stations, RAM upgrades, special keyboards, etc.

*All budgeting must be done using the sub code 7302 (small equipment).*

Custom / Non-Technology Renewal Eligible Systems

Custom computer hardware - such as configurations with additional RAM or storage - are not covered under the renewal program and departments will need to purchase and replacement planning of these items is the responsibility of the guardian department, using the college's regular budget planning and ordering processes. 

Departments are urged to work with IT and Procurement on their special needs equipment. IT and Procurement can assist with obtaining quotes, identifying vendors, reviewing service contract details, ordering, installation, etc. We are aligned with a number of technology vendors to obtain the best pricing under state contracts and other education incentives. If you wish to inquire about a custom configuration or hardware component upgrade, please reach out to IT and submit a Team Dynamix service request with your inquiry. 

Equipment Not Leased or Automatically Renewed

Not all of the technology assets owned by the college are leased or covered under the renewal program. Servers, workstations, computers used to control specialized equipment or applications, some specific-purpose systems, etc. If you are not sure if your equipment is covered, or have questions about what is covered and what is not, please contact IT.  

Standard vs. Non-Standard Configurations

Standard configurations are computers identified and configured by IT to be fully capable of running current or new applications and any future upgrades anticipated throughout the lease period to ensure that these computers can continue to be adequately supported. Configurations are reviewed periodically throughout the year and can change at any time. Standard configurations include office computers for faculty and staff, eClassroom machines, general-use machines, and the majority of lab computers. 

There will always be a need for equipment that requires a different configuration or model than the renewal program can provide. These systems are ordered as 'custom' equipment by your department and their renewal is handled outside of the renewal program via the college's annual budget planning process.

Please work with IT on your non-standard configuration needs as we can help identify vendors, assist with configurations, quoting, installation, as well as assist with the ordering process.  We will also tag and inventory the equipment when it arrives on campus.

Hardware Support

Computers and Network Printers

The college purchases and supports Windows and Apple desktop and laptop computers. Please note that the models listed are subject to change as manufacturers update their products. For current configurations, please email

IT does not support iPads and Netbooks and is not currently adding these devices as an option for the Technology Renewal program. Hardware in the Technology Renewal program must be able to meet the business needs of the users over the four year life cycle of the equipment. iPads and Netbooks do not currently meet that goal. Individual users and departments can purchase this equipment on their own but will then be responsible for all software and support needs.

Scanners, Smartphones and Cellphones

  • IT supports the HP Scanjet line.
  • Due to rapid changes in smartphones and cellphones, IT does not support a specific handheld brand or model.

Other Computer Peripherals

Other computer peripherals (projectors, monitors, speakers, docking stations, keyboards and mice, cables, external drives, etc.) are ‘order on own’ items and departments may make their own selection as to which manufacturer or vendor to use. Recommended docking stations can be found in the Purchasing College Owned Computers knowledge base article. If you would like IT assistance in installing the item, just call our Service Desk at 4-1000, and ask to enter a service request for the work.


Leased Computers

Since the technology renewal assets are leased, they must be returned to the leasing company at the end of the lease or the college will be charged for replacement equipment. The college no longer allows departments to buyout computers from the lease.

Non-Leased Computers and Computer Equipment

All used and/or obsolete computer-related equipment (CPU’s, monitors, printers, and accessories) that are not part of the Technology Renewal Program (or have been removed from the program) and have been designated as not suitable for campus re-use by IT are considered surplus. Please refer to the college's "Surplus Property & Computer Disposal Policy" for more information.

Renewal Time Frames

Summer: Labs and eClassrooms: May – August

Fall: Administrative Offices: September – November

Spring: Academic-related Offices: January – March


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