Quick Guide: Technology Renewal Preparation

The purpose of technology renewal is to ensure that the majority of standard-use, institutionally owned computers are fully capable of running current applications and any future upgrades or new applications anticipated during the projected planning cycle and to ensure that these computers can be adequately supported. This guide outlines four steps that you can take to best prepare for the renewal process.


This article is intended for faculty and staff.


Dell OptiPlex (Desktop) and Latitude (Laptops); Apple iMacs (Desktop) and MacBook Pros (Laptop).


Step 1: Back-Up Your Data! 

  • Data stored on your current computer must be copied or moved to a new location prior to Technology Renewal. Your new computer will have basic applications pre-installed but none of your data will be copied to the new computer by IT. You are responsible for your data.
    • This data could consist of files such as Word documents and templates, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, photos, browser bookmarks, music, etc. Most data should be found in your "This PC" (Windows) or "Home" (macOS) folders on your current computer.
  •  Backup options that are available to you: 
    • IT@IC recommends using OneDrive via Microsoft 365, which is free, always available, and has 1 TB of space. For more information, review our OneDrive knowledge base article. 
    • The IT Service Desk has high-capacity external hard drives that can be reserved for your temporary use.
    • You can request a temporary 200 GB folder on an IT server.

Step 2: Check Specialty Software 

  • If you use any specialized software NOT in the IC software bundle, it is your responsibility to verify with the vendor that the software will work with Windows 10 or macOS 12.1. View the current IC software bundle application list.
  • Any non-standard hardware like cameras, recording devices, and other USB devices may require additional software and/or drivers to be installed for full functionality. Check with the manufacturer to verify that the hardware and software will work with Windows 10 or macOS 12.1
  • Have any specialty software and accompanying license codes available for the technicians on the day of your renewal.

Step 3: Mark Your Calendar 

At the start of the Tech Renewal cycle, you will receive an email IT Service Request #XXXXX Created TeamDynamix ticket titled "Action Required: Technology Renewal Replacement for...." IT will use this ticket for communication to schedule the Tech Renewal via Microsoft Bookings. You can always check with your departmental Technology Renewal Coordinator if you are unsure about your scheduled renewal date.

IT will use the Team Dynamix Ticket for all communication for Tech Renewal. Once Tech Renewal starts you will receive an update from the Tech Renewal ticket with instructions and a link to schedule the replacement. We use Microsoft Bookings to schedule the computer replacements, the link to the Bookings page to schedule an appointment will be included in the ticket update.

  • Remember to bring in laptops and power adapters on or before the day of your Tech Renewal.
  • Use the IT TeamDynamix ticket to ask questions before scheduling.
  • To reschedule or cancel your Bookings appointment check your email for the "Confirmed: Tech Renewal" email. That email will include a link to Reschedule the Tech Renewal Bookings appointment.

Step 4: Get Familiar with Your New Operating System 

For More Information 

A variety of support services are available from IT if you would like additional help:

  • Online documentation and tutorials on IC-supported computing software and systems are available through our knowledge base articles in our IT service portal. 
  • Frontline computing support is available through the IT Service Desk in 104 Job Hall; send an e-mail to servicedesk@ithaca.edu or call 607-274-1000.


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