FAQ: Technology Renewal Program

This frequently asked questions article covers the Technology Renewal Program at Ithaca College.


This article is intended for staff and faculty.


What if we need an additional computer or networked laser printer (ex. new faculty/staff position, new/expanded facility, out of cycle replacement)?

It must be budgeted for by the school or administrative unit via the normal budget request process and purchased by the department via IC Marketplace. If approved, it will be added to the central Technology Renewal inventory at time of installation and become part of the renewal budgeting cycle, provided that the machine meets the criteria for inclusion in the program.


What if an accessory that I currently use is not compatible with the new system?

The central renewal budget covers the replacement of the computer itself. Your department is responsible for the replacement of peripherals or accessories that will not work with the replacement (new) machine such as monitors or laptop port replicators (docking station).

What will my replacement computer be?

Each computer will be replaced with a standardized one of the same platform and type (desktop/laptop). We expect that the standardized machine will meet the needs of the majority of users on campus.

For more information regarding the standard desktop/laptop configurations, please reference the following knowledge base article "Purchasing College Owned Computers".

Will I be able to customize the configuration of my replacement computer?

No, customizations are not allowed. Any additions/changes to your new machine will have to be budgeted for by your department and made after the replacement computer is installed.

What if someone wants to switch platforms (PC to Macintosh/Macintosh to PC)?

In the case of a platform switch that require additional expense (PC desktop to Apple laptop for example), the initial cost for the switch would need to be budgeted for by your school or administrative unit. The charges may change every year and are based on current pricing for the systems being purchased for the program. We try to project those changes as closely as possible for department budget planning purposes each fall; IT will send out notifications to help the community best prepare for the budget planning process in terms of Technology Renewal.

There is an option in the renewal questionnaire where you can indicate if you wish to switch computer platforms (ex: Windows to Macintosh) or form factors (ex: desktop to laptop). If there is an additional charge to switch, a change form will display (after you submit the questionnaire) for you to print out, complete, and send to IT.

What happens if I need to replace a component in my computer? Who is responsible, and can we replace the component with a 3rd party product?

Departments are responsible for replacing worn-out or damaged components in leased systems. Leased computers must also be returned in as close condition as possible to original equipment, so when considering replacement parts, such as a new battery for a laptop, you need to obtain original manufacturer parts.

If a leased system is missing original components, the replacement costs will be assessed by the leasing company and will be passed on and charged to the department. (Please refer to Carl Sgrecci’s 4/14/2005 memo regarding Important Technology Renewal Equipment Lease Information.)

What happens to the asset(s) assigned to me if I change departments at IC?

Assets belong to the department that budgeted for them, so in most cases your assets stay with your former department. Check with your former and/or new supervisor if there are circumstances which might warrant transferring your assets to your new department.


Does the program include computers and printers in student computer labs?

Yes, as long as the computers and printers are included in the official college computer inventory and have a renewal cycle assigned to them. Requests for new student facilities or additional student lab machines will need to be budgeted for by the school or administrative unit via the normal budget request process. If approved, the new systems will be added to the central inventory at time of installation, and become part of the renewal budgeting cycle, provided the machines meet the criteria for inclusion in the program.

How is the official college computer inventory maintained?

When a new computer is installed by IT the machine will be added to the official collegeTechnology Renewal inventory. If the computer is a standard model it will be assigned a renewal cycle at that time. Throughout the year IT will update the inventory via electronic and manual methods as computers are moved, installed, upgraded and disposed of.

Inventory reports are available for review online and indicate which machines are scheduled to be replaced in each fiscal year. Departments are asked to review the inventory report on a regular basis for accuracy, and make appropriate corrections or deletions. Departments are also responsible for verifying that any institutionally owned machines that are located off campus are included.

How can I be sure that my computer is included?

The computer inventory is available for viewing and reporting changes and/or corrections at the Technology Renewal website.

How do you keep track of computers as they move around?

While the college prefers that you work with IT to arrange for any computer moves throughout the year, it is critical that if you do move a computer, that you notify Information Technology of the change by immediately going to the Technology Renewal Website and updating the location and owner information for that asset.

IT needs to know where each computer is in order to plan to replace the machine. New machines are being leased, and must be tracked in order to adhere to the terms of our agreement with the leasing company.

What is the purpose of the Technology Renewal Program?

The Technology Renewal Program was established to ensure that the majority of standard-use, institutionally owned computers are fully capable of running current/new applications and any future upgrades anticipated during the projected planning cycle (currently four years for computers) and to ensure that these systems can continue to be adequately supported.


My computer is scheduled to be replaced, but it's fine for what I do. Can I skip the replacement this year?

It is not possible to postpone or skip the replacement. The machines are leased and must be returned to the leasing company at the end of the lease. If IT does not receive an asset that is due to be replaced by the lease end date, the department is responsible for any costs/fees associated with that asset not being returned and a replacement computer will not be provided.

How are the replacements scheduled?

IT builds the Technology Renewal replacement schedule before every renewal cycle to ensure that all departments and assets have a scheduled date and to ensure that these dates reflect the lease end date. 

Below are the three replacement time frames that occur each fiscal year and generally what machines are being replaced when:

Summer: Labs and


Questionnaires are sent out beginning of April and due back mid April. Summer installations occur between June 1st and mid July. We work closely with lab coordinators and others to ensure that summer classes are not affected.

Fall: Administrative Offices


Questionnaires are sent out at the beginning of July and are due back early August. The majority of fall installations occurs between the middle of September and the middle of November.

Spring: Academic-related Offices


Questionnaires are sent out at the beginning of November and due back mid November. The majority of spring installations occur between mid-January and March.

What if my department is unable to turn over a system on the date specified?

The existing systems are leased, and must be taken and returned to the leasing company by the lease end date to avoid any penalties for late returns or buy-out costs if the equipment is not returned. If a late fee or buy-out cost is assessed for the computer, your department is responsible for those charges (in most cases). We will work closely with each department to minimize this possibility. The program will not issue a replacement computer if the original one is not available for removal.

Buying out the computer also removes it from the renewal program and it will not be replaced.


What if a piece of software that I am currently using does not work on the new system?

For specialized department-wide applications, IT will work with your department to develop a strategy for how best to proceed including working with you to identify possible funding and develop various options. It is important to note that some older software is no longer supported by the manufacturer and may not work on newer systems. In these cases the college will work with you to help identify replacement software or other alternatives.


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