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For faculty or staff, please refer to User Guide: Faculty and Staff Printing  


Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Google Android, Apple iOS, Google Chrome OS 


Printer Locations 

There are over a dozen Toshiba printers available for student use across campus. Their locations and features, such as Fax and Color Printing, can be found in this article:


Link College ID to Campus Toshiba Printers 

Students can link their college ID to Toshiba model printers so that they can tap their card at the printer rather than manually typing in their username and password every time. To link your ID card to Toshiba Printer, please follow the directions in this article: 


Methods of Printing 

There are 2 methods students can use to send files to printers on campus from their personal device

  • Students can print directly from their personal devices using Mobility Print. This method requires the device to be connected to the Ithaca College Secure Network on campus or the Global Protect’s VPN. This method will NOT work if connected using ResNet.  
  • Students can upload documents remotely to  

Once a file has been sent to the printer network using one of the above methods, it will stay in the Toshiba printer queue for up to 72 hours. It can be printed from any of the dozens of Toshiba model printers available to students on campus using one of the following methods.  

  • Sign in using your username and password on a Toshiba model printer, then select the file you wish to print. 
  • Tap your college ID card at a Toshiba model printer, then select the file you wish to print. To use this method, you first must link your college ID to the printer network using these steps.  

Print from Device Connected to IC Network – Papercut Mobility Print  

Students can print to any Toshiba model printer from their personal device using Papercut Mobility Print. This is useful for students who wish to print a file from their phone, laptop, or an app. Mobility Print supports printing from Windows devices, macOS devices, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android devices, and Chromebooks.  

To use this method, your device must be connected to the Ithaca College network or connected through the Global Protect VPN. Otherwise, your device will not be able to discover printers correctly and any print attempt will fail. Please see this article on how to connect to the Ithaca College Secure Wireless network: Article - Wireless Networks and WiFi (  

There are no file format restrictions, though not all mobile applications support printing.  

Set up Mobility Print on your device (Internal Guides) 

The following guides are intranet links that only work when your device is connected to the Ithaca College Secure Network or the Global Protect VPN service. At first navigation to the site, you will get this warning: “Your Connection isn’t Private” Click Advanced at the bottom of the message and click continue to to view the Mobility Print instructions. 

Set up Mobility Print on your device (Papercut Guides) 

The following guides provide video tutorials from Papercut: 

Print Using PaperCut Mobility Print 

Once your device is set up using the guides provided above, use the following steps to print. 

  1. Print as you normally would (i.e. click File, then Print) 
  2. Select ToshibaBW or ToshibaColor as the printer, then click Print Options. (If you want to ensure that you will not be charged for color printing select ToshibaBW)  
  3. Confirm the number of copies then click Print  
  4. Visit a Toshiba printer within 72 hours to release the print job. Please see How to Link Your College ID to Campus Printers section on how to register your College ID with Toshiba printers for quick sign into the Toshiba printers on campus. 

Print from Device NOT Connected to the IC Network – Papercut WebPrint   

Students can upload jobs remotely from their personal device to WebPrint at, then release the job from any Toshiba model printer accessible to students on campus. This is useful for students who wish to upload jobs when they are not connected to the Ithaca College network, such as from the residential halls (using a ResNet connection) or from an off-campus location. 

The file will be available in the print queue for up to 72 hours.  

Print Using PaperCut WebPrint 

  1. Log in to using your IC Username /Password credentials.  
  2. Click Upload Jobs (left side menu).  
  3. Click Submit a Job.  
  4. Select ToshibaBW or ToshibaColor, then click Print Options. (If you want to ensure that you will not be charged for color printing select ToshibaBW)  
  5. Confirm the number of copies then click Upload Documents.  
  6. Click Choose Files and browse for your document(s).  
  7. Click Upload & Complete.  
  8. Visit a Toshiba printer within 72 hours to release the print job. Please see How to Link Your College ID to Campus Printers article on how to register your College ID with Toshiba printers for quick sign into the Toshiba printers on campus. 

Printing from Lab Computers  

There are more than 30 computer labs, both public and program specific, available for use to students. If you need to print a file from a computer lab, you must follow the steps outlined below 

  1. Log on to the lab computer using your IC Credentials  
  2. Open the file you would like to print 
  3. Select the desired printer from the printer list 
  4. For color: \\ICPRINTERS\ToshibaColor 
  5. For black and white: \\ICPRINTERS\ToshibaBW 
  6. Choose and verify the finish of the print job (layout, paper size, and single/double sided). 
  7. Go to a Toshiba printer to release your job by tapping your College ID (must be linked to printer system first) or by typing in your username and password 

Print Costs and Allowances 

Print Allowances 

Students receive a print allowance at the start of each semester. Students can add funds to their ID Express for printing needs that exceed their allowance.   

Print allowances are:  

  • $15 Fall Semester   
  • $15 Spring Semester   
  • $7.50 Summer Semester  

Print Costs 

Print costs for each page are:  

  • $0.05 single-sided, black and white  
  • $0.07 double-sided, black and white    
  • $0.30 single-sided, color  
  • $0.56 double-sided, color   

Unused allowances from the Fall semester will roll over to the Spring semester. Unused allowances after the spring and summer semesters will not roll over.  

Tracking Print Allowance 

Students can track their print allowances throughout each semester using This site will provide you with an overall summary of your balance, your balance history, and print jobs.  The “Transaction History” tab will also provide a transaction log of previous print jobs. 

Adding Additional Print Money 

Students can add funds to their ID Express accounts using ID Express machines located in the library and campus center or by visiting GET.  

Individuals and departments can provide students with additional printing funds by adding money to a students’ ID Express account through Student Financial Services (SFS). SFS must have the student's name and ID number in order to complete this request.  


Refunds must be requested within three business days and are only approved for printer malfunctions.  

Refunds will not be approved for print job errors such as incorrect print settings, formatting, blank pages, or unwanted sheets. Prior to printing, please verify the print settings, Print Job Notification window for the number of pages and cost of each job, and use Print Preview if available.  

Requesting a Refund:  

  1. Go to   

  2. Log in with your Netpass credentials  
  3. Click Recent Print Jobs (left side menu)  
  4. Find the print job you are requesting a refund for (two weeks of transactions are displayed)  
  5. Under the Status field click Request Refund  
  6. Identify whether you need a full or partial refund  
  7. Enter Reason for refund  
  8. Click Send  

Please allow three business days for the request to be processed. Once reviewed, an email confirmation will be sent. Refunds will be added to print allowances, not ID Express.  

Using Printer Features 

Color Printing 

All Toshiba printers can be used for black and white printing, while only some can print in color. To ensure that you are printing in color, you must choose the appropriate printer when you send the print job from your device. Once you have clicked ‘print,’ (Windows) or Command + P (Mac), your device should give you an option to choose a printer. To print in color, you must choose the printer titled \\ICPRINTERS\ToshibaColor. For black and white printing, choose the printer titled \\ICPRINTERS\ToshibaBW.  You will then click “print” and go to the appropriate printer to release the print job.  

Double-Sided Printing  

Students must select whether to print single or double sided when they send a print job from their device. It can not be selected from the Toshiba printer when the print job is released. 

Printing Double-Sided from Windows: 

  1. Right click on the file(s) saved and click the print option.  
  2. Click Options and a separate window titled Print Settings will open. You will click the blue link titled Printer Properties... 
  3.  Click the Finishing tab.  
  4. In the section titled 2-sided Printing, you may choose the first option if you want only one side to print on or the second option for double sided printing.   

Printing Double-Sided from Mac OS: 

  1. Open the file and press Command + P on the keyboard 
  2. Click Two-sided  
  3. Click Print and release the print job form the appropriate printer 

Bypass Paper Tray (Using your own paper) 

Bypass tray printing is convenient to use if you would like to print on your own paper rather than what’s in the printer. To enable bypass printing, you must perform the following steps.  

  1. Save your file(s) to the computer, right click the file, and press the print option. The Print Pictures window will automatically open.  
  2. Click Options and the Print Settings window will open 
  3. Click the blue link titled Printer Properties 
  4. Once the new window opens, under Paper Source click Bypass Tray 
  5. Head to the appropriate printer and open the bypass tray on the right side of the printer 
  6. Pull the green lever in the opposite direction of the printer and load paper into the bypass tray.  
  7. Align the side guides to the paper length using the tab that says “Max” highlighted in yellow.  
  8. Move the green lever back towards the printer 
  9. Release the print job 

Fax feature 

Only certain printers around campus can send fax. Click here for the list of Toshiba locations and functions to check which ones are applicable.  

Sending a fax: 

  1. Log in to the printer with your Netpass credentials or scan your ID 
  2. Click Access Device or Copy depending on your printer, it will be the center option upon logging in 
  3. Press the physical home button on the right hand side of the control panel 
  4. Click the Fax icon, it’s an orange box with a white number pad and paper coming out of the top 
  5. To input the fax number click the number pad button on the left hand side of the screen, it is the third option down with a green icon 
  6. For an ON CAMPUS number dial 4 followed by the fax number, for an OFF CAMPUS number dial 91 followed by fax the number 
  7. Click on the Dial button in the top right hand corner to test your number or press Send in the bottom right hand corner to send the Fax 
  8. To end the connection press Monitor in the top right hand corner 

To receive a fax:  

The number to send the fax to can be found in this article about printer locations under the Function(s) section. You will not need to swipe your ID or release the job, the fax will print automatically.  

Need Help?  

If you need further assistance using Ithaca College printers contact the Ithaca College Service Desk at or  



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