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Information Technology works with several other groups at Ithaca College to loan technology to students, for short periods of time, free of charge (as long as users abide by the rules of each individual area. The college provides these loans in multiple ways: 

  • Two Laptop Kiosks
  • Short Term Laptops from the Library
  • Loans from the IT Service Desk
  • Loans from the Center for Creative Technology (CCT).


1. Two Laptop Kiosks

These kiosks give students 24/7, unmanned access to laptops between to one of the two kiosks across campus:

  • Campus Center Kiosk: This kiosk is equipped with 6 Apple MacBooks and 6 Windows laptops.
  • Park Hall: This kiosk is equipped with 6 Macs and 6 Windows laptops.

To loan a device from a kiosk, walk up to one, swipe your ID, then follow the instructions to check out a laptop for up to 8 hours.

2. Short Term Laptops from the Library

The library loans laptops to students using three different time frames:

  • 6-hour loans: Both Windows laptops and Apple MacBooks
  • 24-hour loans: Windows laptops only
  • 7-day loans: Windows laptops only

To loan a device from the Library, head over to their front desk in Gannett and ask how to check out a laptop.

3. Loans from the IT Service Desk

The IT Service Desk loans laptops, iPads, Gaming Consoles, time in the eSports room and more:

Same day loans: All devices can be checked out and returned in the same day, but generally this is for eSports Room seat reservations. The games that we have available are: Valorant, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, SMITE and Fortnite. To reserve a chair in the eSports Room, either make a reservation in the Service Desk's reservation portal or head over to Job 104.

1-2 week loans: All devices that are offered through the Service Desk are available for this time period, this includes: Laptops, Laptops Chargers, iPads, Phone Chargers, Video Game Consoles (Switch, Xbox and Atari), Bluetooth Speakers and Microphone Set, External hard drives and more. To loan a device out for 1-2 weeks, head over to Job 104 (The IT Service Desk) to make a request.

Over 2 week loans: Only laptops and iPads are eligible, students must complete the 'Keep Learning Request'  form or by clicking the green "Request Extension" button above, to be considered.

4. Loans from the Center for Creative Technology

Students can request to reserve space to utilize available tech and more by reviewing the innovative tools located on CCT's reservation portal


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