Third-party Account Access Request

This service is used for requesting access to an Ithaca College or files by someone other than the account/data owner. Examples of such requests are:

  • Supervisor requesting access to an email account, calendar, documents, voice mail, or other account of a former/departing employee or of a current employee on leave of absence or vacation.
  • Re-assignment of Sakai course material from one faculty to another.
  • College officials or external agencies requesting access to email or other documents to conduct an investigation or respond to a legal request.
  • Requests for access to a deceased person’s electronic data.

To protect the privacy of the account owner, IT staff are not authorized to grant this access without the written permission of either the IT Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer (AVP/CIO), or the IT Information Security Officer (ISO). If appropriate, either of these individuals may consult with Ithaca College legal counsel for guidance before responding to the request. To request such access, the following information must be provided:

Request Access


Service ID: 121
Mon 5/11/20 5:01 PM
Fri 2/3/23 12:52 PM