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This service allows you to request a new Canvas Course.

Courses in Canvas are units of instruction in one subject that typically last one term. Course sections in Homer will be automatically generated for all semesters, beginning with Fall 2021. In Canvas click on the Course or Dashboard button in the blue navigation bar, to see your courses. 

Screening Guidance for Non-Course, Instructional Canvas Site

Canvas sites are generally reserved for named, identified courses created as part of the official course schedule. However, under some circumstances, the creation of a Canvas site might be created for instructional purposes beyond scheduled courses with CRNs. Requests for such sites are screened by a task group of the LMS Governance Committee and will be evaluated using the following criteria.

  • Sites should be used for instructional purposes, for example, serve a cohort of students who may not be concurrently registered for a course in common but who are sharing an academic experience (e.g., a cumulative project such as a graduate or senior project, a field-based or clinical experience not associated with a CRN, modules that are required for training in the major, such as safety training, etc., that may not be associated with a specific CRN but that are required and instructional)
  • Sites should be more than a repository of documents/resources and rely on the collaborative and learning tools of an LMS (e.g., discussion forums, tests/quizzes, rubrics, and assignment/project feedback).

In order to request the creation of a Canvas site for instructional purposes, requestors should complete the Request a New Canvas Course form. Please provide as much detail as possible including the name of the course, who the owner/instructor will be, the purpose of the course, and a detailed description outlining the needs and impact.


Request a New Canvas Course


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