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ETAC Educational Software/Technology Request Form

This form is used to request the purchase of a new educational software/technology tool for classroom and lab use. All requests will be reviewed by the Educational Technologies Advisory Committee (ETAC). Please do not submit vendor contracts to the College Contract Review process for contract review until your purchase has been reviewed and approved by ETAC

Makerspace tools and services

The IC Makerspace is a collaborative workspace used for making, learning, exploring, and sharing while utilizing a range of high-tech to no-tech tools.


Support for Canvas for all aspects of campus use.

Canvas Guest Account Request Form

Request a guest account for non-Ithaca College users, if Canvas access is needed.
In the form, please provide as much detail as possible including the name of the individual, address, phone number, non-IC email, gender, and start date, the name of the Course, and the CRN (if available).

Instructional Canvas Site Request Form

This service allows you to request a new Instructional Canvas Course.

LinkedIn Learning Group Management Request

Request to have access to manage and create groups in LinkedIn Learning.

Web/Video Conferencing Consultation

IT can assist members of the campus community with the identification of an appropriate tool to conduct official College business, such as remote meetings, presentations and receive remote presentations, such as guest lecturers.

Classroom Technology Training

Submit a request to learn more about the technology used within our classrooms. Trainings typically last 15-30 minutes.

Classroom and Lab Computer Software Installation Request

IT provides commonly used software in the Classroom and Lab images. If you need software installed or upgraded to support instruction, please submit this form.

Audio Visual Support

This service is used to request work from the Audio Visual group.

Learning Technology Help Request

Request assistance with questions or issues related to teaching and learning tools.