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This service allows you to request a Guest Account in Canvas for an Ithaca College Affiliate member.

All Ithaca College faculty, staff, and students have an account in Canvas in order to access assigned courses and coursework. In unique situations, a Guest Account may be needed for a non-Ithaca College user. In order to have a Guest Account in Canvas, the individual will need an IC Affiliate account. If the Guest Account is granted, IT will submit the paperwork for an IC Affiliate Account on behalf of the Requestor and an IC email address will be created on behalf of the Guest.

Screening Guidance for Canvas Guest Account

Canvas course sites are generally reserved for named, identified instructors and students. However, under some instructional circumstances, a Guest may need access to a Canvas site. Requests for a Guest Account are screened by a task group of the LMS Governance Committee and will be evaluated using the following criteria.

  • A Guest Account should be granted for instructional purposes, for example, a guest instructor who is not an Ithaca College employee and is teaching a course in Canvas. Note a Guest Account is needed when the guest instructor needs access to confidential course information for instructional purposes such as Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, and Gradebook. 

In order to request a Guest Account in Canvas, a Department Chair, Director, or Associate Dean should complete the Request a Canvas Guest Account form. In the form, please provide as much detail as possible including the name of the individual, address, phone number, non-IC email, gender, and start date, the name of the Course, and the CRN (if available).

Request Canvas Guest Account


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