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This service is intended for Faculty and Staff members who need Cloud (OneDrive), Hard Drive, or Network Storage assistance.

About this Service

Support is offered for different types of storage-related issues, like Cloud (OneDrive), Hard Drive, or Network Storage (Mentor). 

OneDrive provides a range of features that make it the preferred option for utilization at Ithaca College. OneDrive can be accessed as a web-based application via a browser such as Google Chrome or through a downloadable desktop application. Onedrive is a:

  1. Cloud storage solution: OneDrive is a cloud storage solution that provides secure storage for all their files and allows easy access to files from any device with Internet access. The college provides Faculty, Staff and Students with 1TB of available space within OneDrive.
  2. File sharing tool: OneDrive is also a file sharing tool that allows clients to easily share files with others, whether they are colleagues, collaborators, or clients.
  3. Mobile access platform: OneDrive has a mobile access platform that enables clients to access their files on-the-go from their mobile device.
  4. Collaborative workspace: OneDrive allows clients to work together on documents, presentations, and other projects in real-time.

If you want to reference articles for ‚Äč‚ÄčOneDrive-related issues, click here to be redirected to Onedrive related articles.

Mentor is a shared network file server for storing departmental or individual files related to College business. All faculty and staff, and some students, as required through campus employment, have access to Mentor.

To reference Mentor articles, check the links below:

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