Windows AutoPilot setup instructions


  • IC issued device assigned for AutoPilot
  • IC user and email account
  • DUO Account setup and configured for MFA prompts


Windows AutoPilot instructions

This article provides step-by-step instructions for setting up a new computer using Windows AutoPilot with Azure AD Join. The process involves initial setup, network connection, account login, application installations with Company Portal, and finalizing the setup. These instructions are applicable to Ithaca College Students, Faculty, and Staff, and require an active internet connection and an Ithaca College-issued device.

  1.  Power on the computer and proceed through the Windows setup steps, accepting any prompts. Reaching the Wi-Fi selection screen follow the on or off campus step.

                    -On Campus: Select the Ithaca College network and enter your username and password to connect.

                    -Off-Campus: Connect to your home WiFi

  2. After selecting Next the computer will reboot a few times.

  3. After the reboot, you will see Let's set things up for your work or school
    Sign in with your full Ithaca College email address as seen below. Hit Next and enter your password. Hitting Next again will continue the process and reboot the computer.

  4. On reboot, you will see the Setting up for work or school This starts the setup of the computer, this process will take about 30 min to complete based on your network. 

  5. After Device Setup is complete this will load the Windows lock screen for your to sign into the computer to continue the process. Hit Enter and sign in with your full IC email address and password.

    Once signed in, Windows will start Frist time setup. Then load with a DUO prompt on the Setting up for Work or school screen. After the DUO prompt the setup will continue for a few more minutes. 


  6. Setup will finish and it will load the Desktop, now at the Desktop open Company Portal from the start menu

  7. Company Portal will prompt for sign-in at launch. Enter your IC Email and password.

  8. After you have signed into Company Portal It will ask you to choose the best category for this device. 

      Single user primary device - Select this if the computer is your primary device assigned to you by IT
      Shared device - Select this if the computer is going to be shared between multiple users (i.e. General Use, Shared Lab computer)  

After selecting Single user or Shared device, setup is complete. Applications will install in the background. Core applications will be pre-installed: Office suite and Microsoft Teams. 

If you encounter any issues during the setup process, please contact the Ithaca College Service Desk at 274-1000 or use the IT chat service available at


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