Watermark Insights assessment tools include Planning and Self Study, Student Learning and Licensure, Outcomes Assesment Projects and Taskstream.

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Pinned Article Watermark Insights Assessment Tools Overview

Watermark Insights assessment tools are licensed by Ithaca College. Planning and Self-Study | Student Learning & Licensure | Outcomes Assessment Projects | Taskstream | Faculty Success. This article summarizes the tools and provides support resources and contacts.

Pinned Article Watermark Planning and Self Study: Information for Assessment Program Leads

This article provides link to a user manual and video tutorials for Watermark Planning and Self-Study.

FAQ: Taskstream and ePortfolios

A frequently asked questions (FAQ) list regarding Taskstream and ePortfolios.


Taskstream is an electronic portfolio and assessment system.

TaskStream for Students

All students have Taskstream accounts and can use Taskstream to create personal portfolios. To access Taskstream go to myHome and click on the Taskstream icon on the left hand side. Students have access to Taskstream through myHome for approximately 6 months after graduation.