Account Inquiry, Reports, Journal Entries, Budget Transfers

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Reports in IC Finance Cloud

Any employee that is granted account inquiry access in IC Finance Cloud will also have the ability to run reports. Follow the instructions in this article to access financial reports.

Account Numbers - Overview of Segments, Account Structure

Account numbers in IC Finance Cloud are 28 digits long, and consist of 10 account segments. This article provides information on each of these segments, and how they are used to define each account number in the General Ledger.

Funds Checking

Funds checking for expense accounts in IC Finance Cloud has been simplified beginning in Fiscal Year 2022-2023. This article contains a brief explanation of how funds checking will work going forward.

Budget Transfers

Budget transfers are used to move budgeted funds between general ledger accounts. This article contains instructions on how to initiate budget transfers in IC Finance Cloud.

Viewing and Creating Journal Entries

Journal entries are used to move existing transactions between accounts in the General Ledger. Some financial users have the ability to view and create their own journal entries in IC Finance Cloud. This article contains instructions on how to look up and create journal entries.


Chargebacks are used to move transactions between accounts in different departments. This article contains guidelines and helpful information for employees requesting services from other departments, and for Finance Cloud users completing chargeback entries.