My Recently Visited Services

This is to request support for student organization email and calendar accounts, which allow email messages to be directed to a student organization rather than to an individual.

Support for Canvas for all aspects of campus use.

The IC Makerspace is a collaborative workspace used for making, learning, exploring, and sharing while utilizing a range of high-tech to no-tech tools.

Form for requesting help with accounts and passwords.

Supervisors may request permission changes to Mentor or Praxis server folders on behalf of their employees and student workers.

Reach your Benefits Consultant directly with this request for help or consultations regarding health insurance, personal/vacation/medical time, leaves of absences, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability, retirement and more.

Use this form to request general help or support from ICHR.

Ithaca College offers Staff (part-time. less than 52 weeks) and Faculty (full-time) who hold exempt positions that work less than 12 months per year an option to be paid over 12 months or 24 pay periods. This is called annualized compensation. Annualized compensation ensures income during the summer months, not only through the Academic Year. Use this form to request annualized compensation.

Submit a help request to the Service Desk. For urgent requests, call the Service Desk at 607-274-1000 (4-1000 on campus).

This is to request support for an Outlook Calendar resource which is typically used to manage department meeting rooms and can be scheduled using Outlook Calendar.

An optional voice mail feature that allows you to receive an email with an audio copy of any voice mail messages that callers leave on your campus telephone extension.

Request voice mail service for individual or departmental office phones.

Request help with a technology-related security issue.

This is to request support for department email and calendar accounts, which allow email messages to be directed to a department rather than to an individual.

This service facilitates requests for creating or modifying web forms.

Time for a NEW Computer through the Technology Renewal Process? Fill out this request!

Use this service to request access to a door on campus.

To ensure proper printer functionality after relocation, please provide us with the printer's current and intended locations using this service.

Form to request support for a variety of tasks related to the website.

This service is to request a new public document library for the storage of documents and files for a public Drupal website.

Use this form to request help with payslips, tax forms, moving expense reimbursements, employment verifications, timecards, costing, and more.

Please use this form to submit a proposal to the IT&A AI Steering Committee if your AI project extends beyond your role, requires new tools, subscriptions, or college data. You will hear back if the committee has any concerns.

This form is used to request the purchase of a new educational software/technology tool for classroom and lab use. All requests will be reviewed by the Educational Technologies Advisory Committee (ETAC). Please do not submit vendor contracts to the College Contract Review process for contract review until your purchase has been reviewed and approved by ETAC

For support regarding Artificial Intelligence for academic or administrative applications including tools available to campus, consultations, and general questions.

This is to request a new IC email list, or request support for an existing IC email list, which is used to send email messages to all list members at one time.