Popular Services

Submit a help request to the Service Desk. For urgent requests, call the Service Desk at 607-274-1000 (4-1000 on campus).

A Contract review is the process of analyzing the provisions within a contractual agreement to ensure that the terms are fair and have no potential risks to Ithaca College. This service is designed for Ithaca College employees to submit potential contracts with outside parties to be reviewed by the Contract Review Team who will provide feedback on any clauses or terms that may be unclear or potentially problematic.

Use this service to change/setup your SSPR methods to reset your password.

This service facilitates requests for creating or modifying web forms.

Finance and HR Cloud (Oracle Cloud), is an integrated set of business applications used for Human Resources and Financial Services.

Use this service to request assistance with DUO. You can add a new device, configure DUO Mobile, configure a DUO Token or request a temporary Bypass Code and more.

This is to request support for department email and calendar accounts, which allow email messages to be directed to a department rather than to an individual.

Use this form to request general help or support from ICHR.

Use this service to request access to a door on campus.

This service allows you to request a team or request support for an existing team in Microsoft Teams. Teams is a desktop, mobile, and web-based communication and collaboration platform for Office 365.

Form for requesting help with accounts and passwords.

Supervisors may request permission changes to Mentor or Praxis server folders on behalf of their employees and student workers.

Students may request to loan a device from the IT Service Desk, the Library, or the Center for Creative Technology.

This service allows you to request access to Microsoft Bookings, an online scheduling tool, or request support for an existing Bookings calendar.

Use this form to request help with payslips, tax forms, moving expense reimbursements, employment verifications, timecards, costing, and more.

Reimaging a computer helps faculty, and staff maintain, move and update their devices. By using this service, you can ensure that your computer is running smoothly and that you have access to all the necessary software and tools you need to succeed.

The Business Productivity group is responsible for business productivity, organizational communication and collaboration, and workflow applications and services. Request a consultation with the Business Productivity group.

Form to request support for a variety of tasks related to the Ithaca.edu website.

IT provides commonly used software in the Classroom and Lab images. If you need software installed or upgraded to support instruction, please submit this form.

Faculty, staff and students help with a computer, attached device (mouse, keyboard), monitor, etc.

Request a telephone or voice mail related change or move in a campus office.

Request help with general telephone or voice mail problems

Faculty and staff may request a shared workstation login account, such as for use in specialized labs on shared computers.

Use this service to request a new computer for a new employee or additional computer for department.

This is to request the integration of a third-party application with various platforms, including but not limited to Canvas, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.